Top EMR Software Vendors

Top EMR Software from Leading EMR Vendors

RevenueXL has pre-screened dozens of EMR Software vendors, works with and recommends not only top ranked, but also 'right-fit' EMR Software solution for your specialty. Call us before you spend a lot of time in EMR selection.

Some of them include:

  • EMR that has earned excellent scores for its unified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) solution. It is used by ambulatory practices of all sizes and has received the highest score available for areas including pricing, implementation cost, features/functions, references, customer satisfaction with product and customer satisfaction with support in a report released by IDC company Health Industry Insights

  • EHR that has been the fastest EHR in TEPR Documentation Challenge - the only charting software that has been faster than manual charting consistently and faster than every other EHR in the competition.

  • EMR that is developed by a company based in Silicon Valley and has been one of the fastest growing with their very competitively priced ASP offering of EMR, Practice Management and Patient portal solutions. It was one of the first EMRs to interface seamlessly with AdvancedMD, the leading web-based Practice Management Software. Offers leading Pain Management EMR and Pediatric EMR Solutions.

  • Award-winning web-based EMR and Practice Management solution designed by physicians for physicians. 

  • EMR which has won three "Best in KLAS" awards in the annual 2008 Top 20 Best in KLAS awards report.


         .....and many more.

RevenueXL can save you a lot of time and thousands of dollars by simply working with RevenueXL so that we can assess and determine the right-fit EMR or EHR Software for meeting your requirements.

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