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Best Podiatry EHR : EMR Features for Small Practices

Posted by Aparna Prasad

Podiatry EHR Which Podiatry EHR Meets Your Practice Requirements?

Adapting a generalized EHR system to your practice as a specialist can be time-consuming. It also usually ends up leaving you without many of the features you need to make EHR worthwhile for your practice. If you're a Podiatrist, and you're interested in implementing an EHR system in your practice, you undoubtedly want to have the best Podiatry EHR software available. 

1. Customized Podiatry Templates

Most specialists agree that in order to get the best results from their EHR software, customized templates are better. Because you specialize in conditions that affect the foot or the ankle, it can take a long time to generate the type of forms and templates that are distinct for Podiatry. Also, it's important that your EHR allows for easy integration of any MRI images, CT scans, or other tests you might need to order. 

2. Easy Documentation and Dictation

Your chosen Podiatry software includes documentation strategies that allow you completely document each patient interaction with only a few clicks of the mouse. It should also be voice-enabled to allow you to dictate your notes quickly. When finished, your notes become an instant part of the medical record. 

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3. Quicker Podiatry Billing Procedures

As a Podiatrist, you know how important it is for your coding and billing procedures to be done quickly and accurately. EHR for Podiatry will provide you with fast turnaround, and quicker reimbursement from insurance companies. It will also ensure that your billing is as accurate as possible, because it will catch any mistakes made by your billing department. 

4. Simple Patient Education

During Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, your patients will begin to get more and more involved with their medical care. This will include educating them on their illnesses, as well as on how to access their own medical records through your system. Not only will you be able to provide your patients with the printouts they need to understand their illnesses, but you'll also be able to engage them in their medical care. 

5. Generate Prescriptions

In the past, writing prescriptions has been a tedious process. The prescription forms that are required by pharmacies are involved, and they take a lot of time to ensure that they're filled out correctly. The software transmits your prescriptions to the pharmacy for you, or it can also fill them out for you to hand to the patient after a quick signature. 

6. Access Patient Information Anywhere

One of the best things about EHR is the fact that you can access patient records from any location. If a patient contacts you on the weekend, you can easily log in and get their medical records. This is a vast improvement on the standard of patient care physicians have been able to offer in the past, and patients appreciate it, as well.

7. Meaningful Use Data

You're probably eager to be a part of reimbursement programs for your EHR. In order to be eligible, you will have to meet certain criteria. Your EHR software should offer you guidance on how you are doing in your attempts to reach Meaningful Use so that you qualify for reimbursement. You should also be given information so that you know what you need to improve.

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