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Cloud based Pediatrics EMR

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Pediatric offices are moving forward with implementation of cloud based Pediatric EMR at a rapid pace. The American Academy of Pediatrics conducted a survey finding that 90 percent of pediatricians use computers is some fashion to help manage patient care. Other studies reveal that the use of handheld devices by medical professionals has grown by more than 25 percent in 2011.describe the image

Pediatricians are embracing technology at a rapid pace and recognize with increasing frequency that Pediatric Electronic Health Records often shortened to Pediatric EHR offers many benefits to their medical practice not enjoyed when using paper medical records.

Benefits of Cloud based Pediatric EHR

  • Streamline patient workflow: Pharmacy orders, referrals, immediate chart completion and more make work-flow more efficient
  • Customizable Templates: Most pediatric EMR systems come preloaded with templates for typical pediatric encounters. These can be further customized by individual practices to meet their unique pediatric EHR needs.
  • Cost-savings: Significant reduction in supply costs related to medical records as well as the ability to reclaim file room space. Reduce personnel time in chart filing and pulling and finding.

  • Vaccine and allergy alerts are kept current and visible reduces liability exposure

  • Healthcare provider automatically drives charges through coding - eliminates delays in insurance filings, lost charges and speeds cash flow up.

However, pediatricians have an important choice to make in switching to a Pediatric EMR - should they buy a system that resides on their practice server or use a cloud based internet service provider, a model know as Software as a Service or SaaS.

Benefits of Software as a Service

  • Software as a Service does not require a major investment in hardware to run your pediatric EMR. Notebooks, netbooks and tablets will work well with these cloud based systems. If you can connect to the Internet you can access the system.

  • No ongoing costs for computer maintenance or software upgrades.

  • The monthly subscription costs can be taken as a business expense the year they are incurred. Major hardware and software investments have to be capitalized and amortized over many years.

  • Redundancy: should the server in the cloud go down, there is a second and even third host that has your pediatric electronic health records backed up and you will be redirected flawlessly. But, if your office server goes down, you are stuck until it is fixed.

  • HIPAA compliant: Pediatric EHR SaaS transactions are encrypted and comply with HIPAA requirements.

  • Instant savings come with pediatric electronic health records as your practice no longer needs to purchase all the paper supplies needed to maintain paper records. In addition, space devoted to record storage can be freed up and put to clinical use.

  • Twenty-four/seven accessibility is possible since the portal is Internet based. You can even check or update a patient's medical record from the hospital when you make hospital rounds.

  • Scalability: whether you operate a solo practice or are part of a large group practice, the cloud based pediatric EMR is scalable to your operation. It can also be expanded easily to accommodate new providers as they join your practice.

  • SaaS systems are usually already accepted for "meaningful use."

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