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Choosing the Best Healthcare Clearinghouse for your Medical Practice

Posted by Suzanne Prasad

Medical Billing Clearinghouse

Criteria for Selecting a Great Medical Billing Clearinghouse

The profitability of physician practices is being squeezed by declining payer reimbursement rates and increasing operating costs. There is also a growing trend towards enhanced patient responsibility both for self-pay and insured patients. This has a direct impact on physician practices which now run a risk of increasing patient account receivable (A/R) balances.

Proactive revenue cycle management processes are key to ensure full and timely reimbursement from payers and minimizing the financial risk due to patient A/R exposure. Even though clearinghouses had a limited function earlier, the scope of functionality delivered by a good medical billing clearinghouse has increased significantly and encompasses entire revenue cycle stretching from insurance verification, claims submission, remittance and all the way to appeals and settlement.

1. What is a Clearinghouse?

2. Why functions does a good Clearinghouse perform?

3. What is the Clearinghouse Process?

4. What are the benefits of using a great Clearinghouse?

5. Best Practices for choosing a Clearinghouse

6. Which are the top medical billing Clearinghouses?

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