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Best 7 Dermatology EMR Software Features for Every Dermatologist

Posted by Aparna Prasad

Best Dermatology EMR Features

As a Dermatologist, your EMR needs are very specific. It can take some time before you're comfortable choosing an EMR that meets those specific needs. Perhaps you've been putting off choosing EMR software because you're not exactly sure which vendor has the features you really need. Or, maybe you've chosen an EMR software vendor, but you haven't been satisfied with their services or products. Either way, we'd like to help you. There are certain features that are absolutely necessary for your specialty, and you'll find that when you work with us, you'll have the top Dermatology EMR features for dermatologists available to you on your customized EMR software.

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Dermatologists See Big Gains in Adopting Electronic Medical Records

Posted by Aparna Prasad

With pushes from the government as well as insurance companies, dermatologists are continuing to come on board with adopting customized dermatology EHR software for managing their practice and the electronic medical records of patients.  While it’s mainly been larger organizations within medicine that have been quick to adapt and evolve with on-site and web based EMR and EHR solutions, a number of small practices and solo clinics are beginning to invest in electronic medical records - and they’re seeing the benefits.

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