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Pain Management Software Selection Checklist for Small & Mid-sized Pain Clinics

Posted by Alok Prasad

Pain Management Software

Selection Checklist to Choose Medical Software for Small Pain Clinics

While improving the quality of life for people living with pain is a challenging process, finding the right pain management software can help deliver efficient, accurate and consistent quality of care. If you are in the process of identifying the best replacement EHR, you are not alone: more and more healthcare organizations are making the switch to modern EHRs which are not only more flexible and user-friendly, but also more comprehensively fulfill their needs.

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Best Pain Management EMR | Software for Small Clinics | RevenueXL

Posted by Alok Prasad

Best EMR For Pain Management

Selection & Implementation Guide For Pain Clinics

Pain Management EMR is specialized medical software which supports the needs of pain management specialists who specialize in the treatment of different types of pain including acute pain, chronic pain and cancer pain.Best_EMR_For_Pain_Management

Have you often heard that EHR Software implementation causes more headaches than it solves?  It doesn’t have to be that way. 

To help ensure that your Pain Management EHR implementation or replacement efforts produce the best results, consider the following guidelines regarding features, pricing, strategies, hardware and software requirements, and patient satisfaction enhancers, among others.

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Best EHR for Pain Management - Switch to RevenueXL's PrognoCIS EHR

Posted by Alok Prasad

Pain Management EHR

All Pain Management EHR Systems are NOT alike. They might differ in terms of what templates are included in an out of the box implementation or ease of use or how easy it is to customize them. Pain management clinics that opt for a basic electronic health record system may be missing out on important functionality designed to make the life of pain management specialists easier.

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Benefits of Implementing Pain Management EMR Software

Posted by Aparna Prasad

Pain Management EMR Software

The Tightrope of Pain Management

Pain management is one of the most difficult of medical skills for a healthcare professional to attain. Despite its presence among all medical and nursing specialties, it remains a symptom treated differently according to its classification as acute or chronic, the specialty of the physician treating a suffering patient, the perceived etiology of the pain complaint, the risk of the development of substance abuse issues and a patient's overall pain tolerance. The tightrope upon which a physician must walk involves decreasing pain while avoiding undue sedation and encouraging maximum performance of activities of daily living (ADLs). With so many issues that factor into what medication or therapy might be prescribed or contraindicated, it is imperative to use standardized templates to account for patient pain complaints, prescribed therapies or medications and the efficacy of these attempted interventions.

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