Top 7 Reasons for Neurologists to Implement Neurology specific EMR

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Neurology Specific EMR

A Neurology practice relies heavily on visual data in order to provide the proper care andNeurology EMR treatment to patients. As a Neurologist, you depend on the results of tests like the MRI, CAT scan and EEG in order to assist you in giving your patients the proper diagnoses.   Those Neurologists who have implemented Neurology EMR into their practices are discovering essential tools to treat their patients with a higher level of care.

1. Excellence In Patient Care

Excellent patient care is your top priority as a Physician. The data and imaging systems you use give you highly accurate results, which you need to make diagnoses and provide treatment.   However, using paper charts for managing your patients is an old practice that doesn't succinctly support the technological nature of the work you do as a Neurologist. Neurology EMR further incorporates technology to allow you to provide your patients with the utmost in Neurological treatment.

2. Easy Integration Into Your Practice

Neurology specific EMR is paired well with the Neurological machines, making for a seamless integration.  It was created with your practice in mind; your neurology EMR will be customized specifically for your practice, providing you with the data you need for each of your patients.

3. No More Formatting Concerns

When test results are provided on incompatible CD's it is frustrating.  However, Neurology specific EMR removes the need for formatting all together.  Neurology EMR provides compatibility between your machines and those of other hospitals or practices.  You will instantly be able to view test results without concerns about formatting.

4. Integrated Practice Management

Neurology EHR provides you with invaluable practice management tools that will benefit both you and your staff.  Billing is one area that requires precision, and when it is done through EMR, your staff will be alerted when something was entered incorrectly. Changes can be made and payments received more quickly from patients and insurance companies.  EMR also features automated reminder calls or emails for patient appointments, which frees your staff up to tend to patients' needs and assist you in other ways.  

5. Improved Documentation

Through the use of templates built specifically for your Neurology practice, documentation and progress notes can be done immediately and accurately for each appointment. Seizure and traumatic brain injury templates (and many others) will assist you in taking quick, accurate notes; therefore dictation and typing costs will no longer be a concern.  

6. Reduce Human Error

Neurology specific EHR Software reduces the level of human error immensely.   Electronic prescriptions are faster, as well as more efficient because of the built-in alerts that will let you know of any medication interaction issues.  You can be sure your patients are receiving the proper medication before they leave your office.  You will also be alerted regarding abnormal labs and test results. Your Neurology EMR also facilitates communication between your office and other Physicians, so the notes and information you receive from Physicians you've referred your patients to will be easily read and understood. 

7. Better Accessibility

One of the best features of Neurology Specific EMR is accessibility.  By using paper charts, you are profoundly restricted as far as the level of care you can offer your patients.  EMR provides you with all of the details you need at any time, and especially in case of an emergency.  This alone makes EMR an invaluable tool in every Neurology practice.  

Advances in technology have given you an opportunity to bring your practice to a new level of excellence.  Implementing Neurology specific EMR into your practice heightens your level of professionalism while giving your patients the care they need.

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