Avoid the EHR Implementation Gotchas

Learn about practical tips and tools to help you avoid the most common snags and glitches in the implementation process

Many practice managers and physician leaders fall prey to the pitfalls and costly, time-consuming mistakes that often accompany EMR implementation.

This eBook :

  1. Defines the 6 essential steps required to prepare adequately for successful EHR implementation;
  2. Identifies the tell-tale signs leadership issues that may negatively impact your EMR implementation;
  3. Presents the single most important issue affecting productivity and the overall satisfaction;
  4. Explains why “on-the-spot” training for your staff members will adversely impact your EHR implementation outcome;
  5. Lists the warning signs around infrastructure and interfaces which can cause a noticeable drag on efficiency and add unnecessary implementation costs; and
  6. Provides the 3 keys to maximize the ROI on your EHR investment.



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