New and Improved Pediatric EHR Usability: A Guide

Posted by: Alok Prasad

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has taken another step to help the electronic health record industry improve pediatric EHRs, issuing a guide to improve EHR usability when treating pediatric patients.

The guide points out that pediatric patients are more vulnerable to even small mistakes and care delays, and often need more complex care.

"Pediatric patients have unique characteristics that translate into unique EHR usability challenges," the guide says. "It is not surprising, then, that the adoption of EHRs by pediatric care providers has lagged behind adoption for adult care providers."

The guide focuses on a user-centered design and "critical user interactions" between the clinician and the EHR. It makes specific recommendations regarding patient identification, medications, alerts, labs, vaccinations, newborn care, privacy, and radiology that should be incorporated into pediatric EHRs.

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