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RevenueXL, a Revenue Acceleration Company, Saves Physicians Thousands of Dollars in EMR Screening, Selection and Implementation

Posted by Alok Prasad on Mon, Jan 05, 2009 @ 09:48 AM

RevenueXL Saves Physicians Thousands of Dollars in Costly Time Consuming Screening Through the Complex Maze of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) vendor options

Cupertino, Silicon Valley,CA (PRWEB) January 5, 2009 -- RevenueXL Inc., a California-based Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management solutions company announced today, the release of their newly re-designed and re-engineered website showcasing RevenueXL's expertise as an independent Electronic Medical Records andPractice Management (PM) software and global services company.

A number of studies have established that the future of care delivery depends on automation of clinical and non-clinical processes in a Physician's Clinic. EMRs andEHRs provide the foundation for significant practice automation and help clinics to move away from manual handling of written patient records. EMR adoption is increasing rapidly among all sizes of physician practices with market growth rate of about 20%.

"Sadly, the cacophony has grown shriller making the selection process acute for the Physicians. Very often the real-life experience comes at a high price, frustration, or even failure. RevenueXL's consultants have put the right pieces of the puzzle together resulting in advantages for our clients including, but not limited to,accelerating revenue cycle and increasing net revenues. RevenueXL has the expertise and can help take the 'guess' out of guesswork. This saves our clients thousands of dollars right upfront, as there is no charge for RevenueXL's assessment, proposal andFree EMR Software demo services," says Alok Prasad, President and CEO of RevenueXL Inc.

"I'm very pleased with our new website," says Harsev S. Thiara, J.R., Vice President, Client Success! of RevenueXL Inc., and adds, "This is a tremendous leap forward as we raise the bar and distinguish ourselves as a reliable independent EMR and PM solutions company."

Harsev S. Thiara, J.R. adds, "RevenueXL's new website has been completely transformed and not only is it extremely easy to find the information you are looking for, it is written in simple and easy to understand terms as well."

A recent study by National Center for Health Statistics shows that although 38 percent of the physicians said they used a full or partial EMR system this year, only 20 percent used systems that are considered by the Center as minimally functional. Such systems include e-prescribing, online ordering of tests, viewing laboratory or imaging results and storing clinical notes. This is not surprising since Physicians are looking for ROI on the investments made in EMR implementations.

"RevenueXL provides different business models that incorporate highly secure and fully functional hosted EMR applications in an ASP mode that are not only cost-effective from a systems perspective, but also reduce the need to hire IT resources to maintain and support expensive servers," says Harsev S. Thiara, J.R.

"We provide lower total cost of ownership (TCO) solutions that don't expose our Clients to unnecessary risk or

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"Our site features other informative sections about the services RevenueXL provides including, Medical Transcription, AR Management, Document Indexing, Denial Management, and Patient Portal," says Alok Prasad, especially noting EMR selection tips for things you need to know about EMR Solutions before choosing a vendor, and EMR implementation tips for what steps to take once you make your final decisions for a successful implementation and on-going operations.

"HIPAA compliance and Quality Assurance are at the top of our uncompromising list as we maintain open lines of communication, surveying our Clients, and utilizing third party auditors to continually improve our services," adds Harsev S. Thiara, J.R., "Consider RevenueXL as your personal service provider ensuring you not only get paid on time, but get paid correctly for each patient encounter."

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