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All Electronic Medical Records are not created equal.  There is a vast difference between EMR Solutions offered by different vendors. Don't buy Electronic Medical Record Software with incomplete information about different types of Electronic Medical Records & their pros and cons. Eliminate Confusion. Save Time. Save Money. Contact us now.

  • Demos and Evaluation Trials
  • Capabilities Matched to Your Specialty
  • Detailed 225 Point Encounter, Billing, and Workflow Assessment
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Quick to Learn, with web-based or onsite training and support
  • Certified EHR per the ARRA/ONC Certification Criteria
  • 5 STAR CCHIT Usability Ratings
  • Stimulus Incentives
  • Deep Broker Discount
  • Hardware Procurement and Financing

RevenueXL brings to you full range of award winning and user-friendly Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software for physician practices from highly regarded EMR Software vendors in the industry. We will assess your requirements and present you with an unbiased shortlist of Electronic Medical Records for your review. Most solutions are available in both Client/Server and ASP (web-based EMR) models. 

You will realize competitive advantages and improve the profitability of their business which is more important than ever before. You can also benefit from our leverage to get low pre-negotiated pricing packages for Electronic Medical Record Software and hardware while maximizing Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Instant and ‘at a glance' access to current and historical patient data at a mouse click
  • Custom SOAP, H&P, PE specialty-specific templates including pre-populated commonly used phrases and clinician preferences
  • Specialty specific HPI, Complaints, ROS, Exams
  • Voice recognition and handwriting recognition
  • Intuitive CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) to generate and track orders for medications & lab tests
  • Workflow Management
  • Drug and Allergy interaction
  • Voice Recognition
  • Evaluation and Management (E&M) Coding Assistance
  • HL7 Lab Interface with Quest, LabCorp, etc.
  • ePrescribing
  • PDA / Tablet PC enabled
  • HL7 custom interfaces
  • Bubble-Sheet intake forms
  • Decision Support (Diagnosis, ADE)
  • Billing/Scheduling software interface
  • Document/Image Management
  • Specialty-specific Patient Education
  • Health maintenance reminders
  • Electronic faxing
  • Built-in error detection
  • Communications Center to view and send letters, e-mails and memos
  • Audit trail                                       

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Medicare and Medicaid Incentives

  • Medicare Incentive payments to each Physician for demonstrating meaningful use of a Certified Electronic Medical Records.

Choose between Medicare and Medicaid Incentive plan for Electronic Medical Records Software, which one is right for you for?  Make a well-informed decision.

If you do not implement Electronic Medical Records by 2011 and demonstrate meaningful use thereof, you may be faced with penalties.

Electronic Medical Records Specialties

See the extensive list of medical specialties supported by our vast selection of Electronic Medical Records Software options.

Integration with Practice Management software

Do you already own Practice Management and Medical Billing software? Our Electronic Medical Records solutions integrate with most Practice Management and Medical Billing software systems. They can also be purchased as an integrated Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software package. Our Electronic Medical Record software solutions include a full-range of EMR software solutions including client server and web-based (ASP) systems.

Which Practice Management Software Systems integrate with our Eletronic Medical Records software selections?

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