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Providers: Mobile Healthcare Revolution Can Change Your Life. Adopt It.

Posted by Alok Prasad

There’s no doubt that mobile healthcare—often referred to as mHealth—has the ability to transform healthcare as we know it. Mobile health technology, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, tablets, and other wireless devices allow physicians to make decisions quickly at the point of care. These devices are revolutionizing the way in which physicians diagnose, treat, and communicate with patients.

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EHR For Your Mobile Practice - Challenge or Opportunity?

Posted by Suzanne Prasad

EHR For Mobile Medical Clinics

As healthcare delivery systems have evolved, in part due to incentives in the PPACA, the need for anytime-anywhere access to patient health information has grown exponentially. Doctors may see patients in several different locations, from the satellite offices of a main facility, in community health centers, in schools or at the workplace for health screenings, even in mobile health clinics. While the drive to adopt electronic health records is well underway, mobile health (mHealth) implementation has lagged.

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Going Mobile With Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Posted by Alok Prasad

Mobile EHR

Electronic health records are becoming an industry standard, and are being way of storing healthcare data. The overall utility of electronic health records can be greatly increased through the use of mobile technology.  There are many benefits to providing mobile access to electronic health records, such as an increase in overall productivity, but the transition needs to be handled the right way. Security issues are of paramount concern when transitioning to mobile electronic health records, but when handled properly a mobile network will be no less secure than any other solution.

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