What is Real Time Prescription Benefit?

Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers patient-specific benefit and cost information to the e-prescribing workflow - when combined with Electronic Prior Authorization, Real Time Prescription Benefit allows prescribers to optimize medication decisions at the point of care and make such decisions with greater price transparency and seamlessly complete the prescribing process within their EHR. It provides rapid prior authorization approvals while patients are in the office, allowing more time for meaningful patient engagement and eliminating surprises at the pharmacy.


Make Medication Decisions with Greater Price Transparency and Complete the Prescribing Process Seamlessly within PrognoCIS

Real Time Prescription Benefit that is now available with PrognoCIS EHR lets providers easily identify higher-priced medications and those that come with a higher co-pay in real time. Not only that but you can also then quickly find lower-priced alternatives – all from your PrognoCIS EHR system.

This is a Win-Win Situation for All Involved!

  • Patients – A recent poll showed that a whopping 80% of adults in the US say that lower prescription costs are extremely important to them. Now you can be sure to find the lowest priced option. Their appreciation for your efforts and resulting satisfaction with your services is sure to skyrocket.

  • Doctors – Analysis of doctor practices has repeatedly shown that prescription issues can be one of the biggest drains on manpower. These issues are time wasters. With PrognoCIS, you can free up staff to work on other important issues by eliminating potential prescription problems while you are seeing the patient!

RTPB Provider Workflow

How the PrognoCIS Real Time Prescription Benefit Work?

    • You simply select a medication and pharmacy
    • An automatic request for patient-specific benefit info is sent
    • PrognoCIS provides price and coverage information along with alternative medications
    • You can then discuss options with the patient in real time to avoid surprises, changes and frustration later on

Your patient gets the price transparency they desire and you are also able to see at a glance if electronic prior authorization is required to further avoid issues at the pharmacy.

This feature allows you to:

    • Eliminate manual prior authorization hassles
    • Improve patient satisfaction
    • And enjoy quick and easy access to medication information

So are you ready to take your point of care prescription services to a higher level? Are you ready to increase patient satisfaction while reducing your and your staff’s workload?


Real Time Prescription Benefit Integrated into PrognoCIS EHR


What is the Issue with High Cost of Prescription Drugs?

One of patients’ biggest complaints these days is the high cost of prescription drugs.

Now add to that complaint other issues that can come up during the prescription filling process – such as the need for a prior authorization – and it’s little wonder why this area has become a source of major frustration for both doctors and patients.

Currently, many doctors’ offices spend too much time and manpower dealing with prescription complaints …

Maybe the prescription cost is too high … maybe the drug isn’t on an insurance company’s list of covered medications … maybe prior authorization is required for that medication …

When events like these occur it leads to patient phone calls, pharmacy callbacks and online form submissions that require staff to spend time finding a solution and ultimately to you writing a replacement script, if possible.

Even worse, this process can be repeated several times before a solution is found!

But what if this time-wasting, frustration causing (both for your office and the patient) process could be avoided?

What if you could address all of these potential issues in real-time with the patient present?


What are the Benefits of Real Time Prescription Benefit Feature?

Now you can address all the potential issues that may arise with a prescription while you are seeing the patient.

Real Time Prescription Benefit allows you to:

  • Address Prescription Drug Cost Directly – This is by far the biggest issue that arises with prescriptions and now thanks to PrognoCIS you can find a cost option that the patient finds agreeable. This helps prevent the patient from not getting the prescription, or contacting your office to have the prescription changed later or skipping or reducing doses to save money.

  • Make Sure A Drug is Covered by Insurance – With PrognoCIS you know immediately if a patient’s insurance covers that medication and the patient knows exactly what their co-pay is going to be. That means no unpleasant surprises at the pharmacy!

  • Clear Up Any Prior Authorization Requirements – This can also be a source of great frustration for patients as well as doctors. Now you’ll know before you even send the e-prescription whether you also need to provide prior authorization. This eliminates those bothersome callbacks that currently take up so much of your valuable time!