Empower Your Practice with a Customizable EHR Platform Designed to Streamline Your Workflow

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Fully Integrated EHR Software Designed to Save You Time and Money

How would your practice be different if you had a nimble and user-friendly EHR software that’s streamlines your work and helps you stay compliant with ever changing rules and regulations?

At RevenueXL, we believe a fully integrated EHR software application complements your practice and your specialty. It helps enhance the business that you’ve worked so hard to build and sustain or even improve the standards of healthcare to which you’ve dedicated yourself.


Here’s what a comprehensive EHR software platform does for you and your staff:

  • Enables you to spend more time with your patients
  • Provides ability to customize your EHR and support your specific workflow
  • Elimination or reduction of time-consuming tasks
  • Saves both time and money with seamless EMR/Billing interface
  • Improved real-time access to accurate patient health information
  • Well-designed, customizable EHR templates
  • Vendor stability and warm, friendly, superior tech support
  • Provides a choice of cloud-based or server-based system

Your primary focus is on delivering patient care.
RevenueXL allows you to do just that by delivering the best possible EHR software that takes advantage of every second with time-saving features for optimal efficiency.

Increased Efficiency with the Power of Full Customization

No two patients are alike, even with the same symptoms or diagnoses, so why should your software be inflexible? Consider how your patients and your business would benefit with an application like PrognoCIS EHR, which features the following benefits, among others:

  • Automated workflow, with templates for intake forms, SOAP notes, lab orders, and more
  • Simplified Meaningful Use
  • Easy retrieval of a patient’s entire clinical record
  • A nimble patient portal
  • Custom encounter categories for specific patient types
  • Customized, paperless statements
  • Complete scheduling management and health reminders with lab automation
  • Ability to handle large-scale emergencies, such as a drug recall
  • An “instruction manual” for workflow processes


Fully Integrated with Comprehensive Practice Management Software

Although many medical practices have become more efficient when using practice management software and electronic medical records, many providers keep the two systems separate. Yet, they don't always work well together because of communication breakdowns, even among programs that are ostensibly designed to work in sync.

A seamless solution is an integrated system that provides a range of benefits:

  • Better efficiency allows you to focus more on the pressing needs of your patients
  • Improved reimbursement and profits with fewer rejected claims from increased accuracy
  • Enhanced patient communication helps lead to improved continuity of care
  • Reduced data entry cuts the time needed for manual data entry work by half
  • Higher reimbursement rate by improving the first pass claim rate
  • Automatic real-time claim creating with charge codes crossing over from the EMR
  • Worker’s comp, accident, and hospitalization cases
  • Electronic claims and remittance

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MACRA-Certification and Interoperability Helps Manage Costs and Maintain Compliance

PrognoCIS is a MACRA-certified EHR product, important because MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) has helped transform the meaningful use Medicare EHR Incentive Program into a constituent of the latest version of MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System).Medicare providers can participate through an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) or the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

For more detailed information, see our MACRA blog.

EHR interoperability improves the communication between the internal systems of your practice and creates a smooth flow of information between your practice management system and EHR.

For any practice, including small ones, the benefits of interoperability include:

  • Better patient health outcomes
  • Decreased health care costs
  • Tailored treatment recommendations
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Greater competition among EHR vendors
  • Reduced redundancy


Specialty-Specific Functionality Streamlines Workflow

An EHR solution should be customized according to the goals and requirements of your practice, including those for medical billing, practice management, and EHR solutions. PrognoCIS streamlines work practice-wide to save time and money.

An agile EHR platform with specialty-specific functions permits you and your staff to remove certain tools that don’t apply to your specialty. This further simplifies your work, reduces the risk of errors, and makes your business more proficient, regardless of niche. Your staff becomes more engaged and experiences less disruption to workflow, which means less interruption to your business and revenue streams.

Take a customizable EHR crucial to a cardiology practice. EKG templates, stress tests, and a database of cardiology medications could all be built into the platform. Engineered into the system is the ability to import results of additional scans and tests as well as an enhanced ability to interact with ERs, since a higher possibility of medical emergencies is inherent for cardiac patients. An orthopedic or dermatology practice needs none of these features, as they would have their own specialty-specific templates and features.

A specialty-specific EHR application is:

  • Flexible enough to easily with integrate with the needs of your practice
  • Versatile enough to streamline your workflow
  • Scalable enough to help you attain or surpass the goals of your business


E-Prescription & Medication Management Improves Patient Care and Safety

E-prescriptions improve the quality of patient care by allowing you to send prescriptions electronically from the point of care directly to the patient’s pharmacy, where it can be filled accordingly. It helps reduce medication errors, reduces healthcare costs, and improves the convenience for everyone: providers, patients, and families.

Other benefits include:

  • Safety checks to alert of potential hazards for a specific prescription
  • Authorized refills that can be immediately transmitted and approved
  • Access to a patient’s medication history
  • Reduced risk of controlled substance abuse, particularly those medication for pain management
  • Better implementation of patient adherence to medication management
  • Detailed information about patient medications, prescription history, and allergies
  • Better connectivity with PACs and labs
  • Reduced possibility of double entry and tiresome paperwork


Easy Implementation So Your Practice Continues Running Smoothly

If you’re considering witching EHR systems, the full-featured systems from RevenueXL focus on the needs of small to medium-sized practices with affordable cloud-based EHR solutions that can be deployed straight out of the box or customized to your precise needs.

While there is more to replacing your EHR system than installation, RevenueXL helps make EHR transitions easy and successful. Here’s a brief look at how we’ll help you:

  • Recognize data ownership
  • Discover the technology or format in which the data is stored
  • Determine all aspects of the data migration
  • The impact on the productivity of your practice during installation and implementation
  • Identify costs and budget concerns of installation, implementation, and beyond

We’ll be in regular communication with you to make sure implementation is as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Contact us a call today to discuss your practice needs and to schedule a live demo and discover how our agile EHRs can benefit your business.


Free EHR with RCM Services

At RevenueXL, our goal is to help your practice maximize revenue and accelerate it through improved, efficient billing and follow-up processes at the most affordable rates. Our medical billing services include:

  • RCM and medical billing service with optimized returns and shortened payment cycles
  • Unique workflows including Employer Billing, HSA, IPA and Capitation, Collection Agency, and Patient Payment Plans
  • Patient letters, advanced accounts receivables management, and more

When you pair our state-of-the-art revenue cycle services with our scalable, customizable, fully-integrated EHR application, you’re eligible for us to provide you with the EHR at no cost to you.

Contact us for more details about how you can take advantage of this free EHR service.



“PrognoCIS is the perfect…system for us. This is our 3rd EMR system and by far better then [sic] then the others. We don’t have to worry about waiting til the next day to access a patient chart. Also very easy to use with [our] dictation system.”

– J. with P.B., MD

“We have been with PrognoCIS for 5 years after experiencing an epic failure with another EHR solution. Our practice is a small private medical office and flexibility is paramount to optimizing our functionality. What we like most about PrognoCIS is the adaptability or customization of the product.”

– A. from S.W. Clinic

“Streamlined, easy to use, and comprehensive! I can customize myself on the fly and I like the ability to…access on my PC, Apple (Mac or iPad at home) or via the iPhone app. After using a few other systems, I saw the designers of PrognoCIS truly understand how a clinical office functions.”

– S. Wellness Group

PrognoCIS EHR:
A Fully Integrated, Award-Winning EMR, PM, & Billing Solution

EHR Software

Customizable workflow,templates, and content created for your specialty

Meaningful Use Support

Two service options to ensure your MU attestations are smooth and hassle-free

Practice Management

Easily identify patient eligibility and reconcile accounting and insurance billing

Patient Portal

Easily share lab results, appointment reminders, statements, and prescriptions with patients

Online payments

Patients can complete secure credit card transactions from the comfort of their homes

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM services process statements and handle claims while you connect with patients

Customized for 30+ Specialties

Designed for specialty, from Allergy to Urology


Quickly prescribe or refill prescriptions and send straight to the patient’s preferred pharmacy

Prescription Management

Surescripts feature allows you to monitor patient prescription usage and medication adherence

Technical Support

Friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 support staff available via support ticket, phone, email, or chat


Quickly enroll your practice with 3rd-party payers and begin seeing patients



Electronically sign documents within EMR or patient portal with HIPAA-compliant e-signature feature


HL-7 interfacing and CCHIT & ONC-ATCB-certified, conforming to critical security and functionality measures

Seamless Correspondence

Communicate with practice & labs, radiology, pharmacies, & referring doctors

Mobile for Today’s World

Convenient with iPhone & iPad

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