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RevenueXL's flagship product PrognoCIS incorporates the latest cloud based technology. It is a comprehensive SaaS based Electronic Medical Records Software (SaaS EMR) which provides medical practices with a full suite of essential features, making it easy for practices to store, create, share and track digital patient data.


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Patient Engagement-1

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement has become imperative for healthcare providers in today’s rapidly-evolving healthcare landscape. The U.S. government has decided that this is so vitally important that it is mandated by law.


Value Based Care

Value Based Care

The transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement represents a paradigm shift for the entire healthcare industry but also promises specific opportunities and challenges for individual providers.


Revenue Cycle Management-1

Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare organizations are most effective when they are in good financial health. However, increased pressures both externally and internally pose serious challenges to their survival. In an era dominated by high deductibles and tightening payer reimbursements, optimal focus on revenue cycle management has become more important than ever .




In healthcare, interoperability means the ability of health information systems, devices or software applications to connect and work together within and across organizational boundaries in order to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for individuals and communities.


EHR Replacement

EHR Replacement

The marketplace is full of bright, shiny replacement options, but the financial investment is costly. The capital expense for the initial system was high, how do you know when there are one or more significant reasons to contemplate paying for a replacement?


EHR Optimization

EHR Optimization

Dissatisfaction with EHRs continues to rise at an accelerated pace. It has also resulted in physician burnout which in turn can create more patient safety problems. RevenueXL addresses the core issue of EHR Optimization and all the facets associated with the process of optimizing an EHR.


Our Success Stories

"We were looking for a better PM/EMR system and were pretty frustrated with the process because of the time it was taking to sort through the overwhelming choices. RevenueXL is a refreshing way to go, as we got a great deal and their services didn’t cost us anything”.

-Sarupinder S. Bhangoo, MD
Bakersfield, California

“Del Norte Clinics Inc. (DNCI), a part of Federally Qualified Health Centers, currently uses RevenueXL for their Medical Transcription Services. Transcription outsourcing has resulted in overall savings for our facility. RevenueXL consistently provides DNCI with great turnaround time. The team at RevenueXL is always professional, responsive and great to work with. Overall, we are pleased with our experience and look forward to building upon our current relationship.”

-Lawrence C. Fong, MPH
Past Chief Executive Officer, Del Norte Clinics Inc.

“We have been utilizing the services of RevenueXL based in San Jose since August 2005. RevenueXL has worked on eight accounts that include General Surgery, Physical Therapy, Ambulance, OB/GYN and Vascular Surgery. RevenueXL provides us with services that include Coding, Demographics entry, Eligibility verification, Charge entry, Payment posting, and Follow up with Insurance Companies. RevenueXL has helped us in getting better control over AR. We are also very happy with the support that RevenueXL has provided in Coding Review and actual coding of surgeries.”

Medical Billing Company, Central Valley, California

“DataCare/EK Health has been using RevenueXL for several years for document indexing. We have been extremely pleased with their service, especially the responsiveness with dynamic and constant changes in our processes. They have been active in ensuring their quality of service and have been able to quickly scale to our varying needs. RevenueXL has not been a vendor but a partner with DataCare and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

-Rob Roj
Director of Sales, DataCare Corporation

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Best Value Medical Solutions

Health information technology makes it possible for healthcare providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information.

RevenueXL provides medical solutions that are best suited to solo, small and mid-sized practices, enabling you to reduce your costs and boost revenue while providing you with first class customer support should you ever need it.



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