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Revenue XL is a premier provider of healthcare solutions that streamline your practice and help you make more revenue...faster.

We’re a leading provider of healthcare solutions with 15+ years of expertise in process knowledge, cutting edge technology and a team of experts in various facets of practice management.

We help small practices accelerate their growth whether using the features bundled in our award winning software or our tailored services —here’s how:

  • We specialize in providing custom solutions.
  • We are a one-stop shop that simplifies processes.
  • We value customer relationships and become partners.
  • We help streamline your practice and patient flow.
  • We are flexible, agile and adapt to new changes.
Why RevenueXL


To enable providers in small practices implement paperless technology solutions that enable providers to accelerate their revenue cycle and increase their profibaility while simplifying their processes.


To be the 'Gold' standard of emerging healthcare solutions and become one-stop shop for small practices by meeting their 'soup to nuts' needs.


Here’s what RevenueXL can do for you.

We provide all-in-one, end to end solutions for small practices at any stage. Whether you are a new or established practice, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs.

Our team goes the extra mile to ensure you successfully meet your business objectives by:

  • Creating tailored solutions based on your unique needs.
  • Assisting you in discovering inefficiencies and optimize them to create growth opportunities.
  • Helping your medical services staff simplify operational processes.
  • Offering compelling solutions that leverage our relationships with technology and service partners

Best of all, we help you free up precious resources so you can focus on providing great patient care and growing your practice.

We Rapidly Adapt To Changing Regulations And Help Our Customers Stay Up To Date With Emerging Demands.

Technology, governmental policy and consumer demands are all rapidly changing —not to mention unexpected scenarios such as COVID-19.

RevenueXL is built to adapt to changing times and unprecedented challenges.

No matter what the challenge, we help our customers adapt. Whether implementing multiple stages of meaningful use or transitioning from Fee for service reimbursement model to value based care or the migration from ICD-0 to ICD-10 —our customers always stay ahead of the curve.

Billing Performance Analytics

We are constantly enhancing our solutions and adapting to the new frontier of EHR, telemedicine, patient engagement and mobile solutions.

Why? Because we believe challenges are opportunities for practices who are willing to change, adapt and keep up with the times, because the future is already here.

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The Future Is Already Here —We Are Ready to Help Practices Stay On The Cutting Edge.

There has never been a more exciting time in our industry. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and will shift and expand the EHR market in various ways. By staying on the cutting edge, we help practices do the same.

AI not only helps clinicians in diagnosing a patient’s condition, but also recognizes historical trends of the patient, leading to better diagnosis and treatment plans. For practices who embrace AI, the future will be full of opportunities and increased engagement with patients —but those who don’t will be left behind.

We’re ready to help you streamline, simplify your practice, accelerate your revenues and lead you into the future.

Isn’t It About Time You Simplified Your Practice

And Generated More Revenue...Faster?

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Our Success Stories

"We were looking for a better PM/EMR system and were pretty frustrated with the process because of the time it was taking to sort through the overwhelming choices. RevenueXL is a refreshing way to go, as we got a great deal and their services didn’t cost us anything”.

-Sarupinder S. Bhangoo, MD
Bakersfield, California

“Del Norte Clinics Inc. (DNCI), a part of Federally Qualified Health Centers, currently uses RevenueXL for their Medical Transcription Services. Transcription outsourcing has resulted in overall savings for our facility. RevenueXL consistently provides DNCI with great turnaround time. The team at RevenueXL is always professional, responsive and great to work with. Overall, we are pleased with our experience and look forward to building upon our current relationship.”

-Lawrence C. Fong, MPH
Past Chief Executive Officer, Del Norte Clinics Inc.

“We have been utilizing the services of RevenueXL based in San Jose since August 2005. RevenueXL has worked on eight accounts that include General Surgery, Physical Therapy, Ambulance, OB/GYN and Vascular Surgery. RevenueXL provides us with services that include Coding, Demographics entry, Eligibility verification, Charge entry, Payment posting, and Follow up with Insurance Companies. RevenueXL has helped us in getting better control over AR. We are also very happy with the support that RevenueXL has provided in Coding Review and actual coding of surgeries.”

Medical Billing Company, Central Valley, California

“DataCare/EK Health has been using RevenueXL for several years for document indexing. We have been extremely pleased with their service, especially the responsiveness with dynamic and constant changes in our processes. They have been active in ensuring their quality of service and have been able to quickly scale to our varying needs. RevenueXL has not been a vendor but a partner with DataCare and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

-Rob Roj
Director of Sales, DataCare Corporation

RevenueXL's Solutions

Provider Solutions

Your One-Stop shop for everything from Credentialing to Account Resolution Services fully customized solution for your practice!


Practice Manager Solutions

Your Partner for all Medical Solutions and Services all aspects of the medical office necessary to organize and optimize practice operations.


New Practice Solutions

Starting a New Practice? Congratulations! We are here to help! Winning combination of solutions to provide high quality patient care and reach profitable operations.