Document Indexing

Document Indexing Services

RevenueXL provides you with scanning, imaging, data capture and document indexing services. We work with our selected partners to use the industry's best and the latest hardware & software for our imaging solution thus producing the highest quality images and productivity levels in the industry.

While RevenueXL could scan and index all the backlog and ongoing documents, under other option, our clients could do their own scanning while outsourcing only the document indexing work to RevenueXL. Scanning services are typically handled onsite by the client even though some clients use our indexing services to ramp up at start time or to get over the backlog.

RevenueXL considers scanning and indexing as an interim step to the complete implementation of an EMR solution. Documents scanned and indexed can be integrated with / uploaded into the EMR System when the medical clinic or provider organization decides to implement an EMR solution.

Contact us today to discuss how RevenueXL can help you clear your indexing backlog at very reasonable prices and make your business operations more efficient.