Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your software better?

Our certified software has templates that have been designed for a myriad of medical specialties. More likely than not, we will have templates customized for your specialty. Our setup, training and customization make for a near effortless transition. We offer the best value EMR software, and quality is definitely never compromised. After your implementation, we offer support seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Is your system certified and how long does it take to go live? 

Yes, our EMR is ONC-ATCB certified, which means that after implementation, you are eligible to receive incentive funds if you show meaningful use of the system.  

After purchase of RevenueXL’s EMR, it takes 4-6 weeks to go live. It also depends on your capacity to adapt and the willingness to spend time and training and on customization. If your clinic has used EMRs before, your training time will be reduced. Additionally, if you are able to use the EMR straight out of the box, without any customization, this will speed up the process as well. 

How much does your system, training and implementation cost?

The cost of your EMR depends on the number of providers in your workplace, the specialty of your medical practice, and whether the software will run cloud based or server based. For more information about how much EMRs cost, read our blog post about it here or contact us at (408) 625-7254.

How do I know your EMR will fit my specialty?

Our EMR incorporates templates belonging to a large set of specialties. We constantly keep enhancing the templates based on the feedback that we get from our implementations. Our EMR is very flexible and can be configured to meet your specific workflow requirements.  

Can I get into the EHR from home or anywhere else?

Irrespective of whether you choose to implement a server based EMR or a web based EMR from RevenueXL, you will be able to log into your EMR remotely from outside your office.

What if the EMR stops working? How will this issue be supported?

We provide support 24/7 year round using multiple channels of support including chat, phone and email. If you have any issue with your EMR, you can select your preferred channel of communication to reach our support team.

Does your software provide an up-to-date insight into my meaningful use compliance status?

We have a meaningful use module built into our software so you can keep track of your clinic’s progress. We also have free, scheduled webinars that provide in-depth training to providers and their administrative staff. 

Which is best: a client server “in-house solution” or a web based solution? 

Both have their advantages, but the trend is the web-based approach.  In the web-based solution, the patient EMR records are backed up daily and disaster recovery is provided for. All software and ICD / CPT code updates occur automatically and the upfront costs for a web based solution are much lower.  Over the long run, the client server based EMR is the most cost effective. If you go this route, both hardware and software purchases as well as some IT support will be required. Generally, client server setups work better for larger practices that have more local support. Your data will not be lost, as we back up your information in three different server locations.

What is your advice for when it comes to implementing an EMR and how can I make my clinic’s transition easier?

We believe that training, having a plan, and practicing patience for understanding the system will help immensely. Commitment to getting trained is one of the most important steps. A new system means new adjustments, so having a committed mindset will help you start on the right foot. There are many other factors that will help you with your transition.  Read a blog we wrote about best practices for implementation. 

How does the training work?

Training is conducted via live webinars by a skilled EMR implementer. The implementer will want to learn about your clinic first to see which codes you are using and templates you will need. The implementation team will then work to make changes to the templates to help match your workflow. Training is provided on the EMR to your clinical staff first. Then, your billing team will get involved and be trained on how to use the Practice Management portion of the system. The implementer will completely configure the EMR to your clinic's needs. 

Does your system have a Patient portal and ePrescription? 

Yes, view a list of our EMR features here

Does the EMR provide insurance eligibility?

Insurance eligibility is a function of the clearinghouse you select. 

What kind of technical equipment do we need to run an EHR?

It depends on what kind of system you decide to get. If you decide to go with a web-based system, you need your laptop, tablet, or PC to run the software. Should you decide to go with a  client server-based system, we will provide you with the hardware details before you purchase the software.

How do I integrate my existing records, which are paper charts, to EMR? 

We can capture existing records as PDF attachment files. You still have to create an electronic record but the existing paper chart records can be attached as PDF files. As the patients come in, their most recent charts can be scanned into the system.

I’m already using legacy software. Will I lose my existing data?

Demographic data can be imported into our solution at minimal cost. As far as clinical data is concerned, if your existing encounter notes can be exported into a PDF format with a pre-defined nomenclature, they can be imported and attached to patient charts in our EMR solution. Most EMRs do store encounter notes in a PDF format after an encounter is closed.

Does the EMR system have PM?

Yes, our EMR software has integrated medical billing and practice management software.

Is there any way I can get my EMR for free?

Not yet, but stay tuned and be sure to check back soon! 

How do I get more information on the product?

We offer live demos using the actual software. The demos are conducted via webinars and led by an EMR expert so doctors and staff can ask questions and get legitimate answers. Schedule your free demo here.