PrognoCIS Patient Portal

PrognoCIS Patient Portal allows patients and practices to securely connect from any device connected to the internet – tablets, smartphones, PCs or Macs.  This enhanced patient engagement results in improved patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and Patient Portalloyalty, and financial gains for your practice.

Features of PrognoCIS Patient Portal

  • Send messages such as appointment reminders, electronic statements, and lab results to patients.
  • The two-factor authentication process protects your devices and date
  • Check and request appointments, view lab results, examine statements, and request prescription refills
  • Easily communicate with patients’ other physicians without the potential delay of phone messages
  • Post balance statements and allow patients to complete transactions within the patient portal
  • Save time by having patients complete forms online
  • Quickly exchange patient data in a HIPAA-compliant, secure fashion

Benefits of PrognoCIS Patient Portal

  • Secure, responsive communication with and between patients and healthcare providers
  • Improved patient engagement and measurable improvements in patient health outcomes
  • More time to focus on specific patient’s needs and treatment plans
  • Increased patient compliance and adherence to medical advice and orders
  • Significant reduction in per-patient treatment costs
  • Improved patient loyalty
  • Convenient options for patient-directed scheduling of appointments and submission of forms, payments, and other required documents

To better understand the basics of a patient portal, we’ll walk you through the following topics:

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  2. What Features do Patient Portals Provide?

  3. Benefits of Patient Portal

  4. How Patient Portals may Increase Patient Engagement?

  5. How to Optimize Your Patient Portal?

  6. Best Practices to Implement Patient Portal


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