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All the comprehensive and integrated suite of tools to get claims paid faster and implement efficient billing and reimbursement processes

Optimizing the financial success of your healthcare practice hinges on effective medical billing. In today's digitized healthcare landscape, efficient, robust, and intuitive software for medical billing has become more than just a necessity - it's a cornerstone for seamless operations.

Our cloud-based medical billing software streamlines revenue cycle management, provides advanced analytics and reporting, automates billing, and fully complies with regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI standards.

Take a step towards optimizing your practice's efficiency and delivering high-quality patient care, and request your free demo of our integrated EMR and Medical Billing Software today. Experience the difference that streamlined workflows and user-friendly features in our medical billing software can make in your healthcare journey.



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Streamlines Claim Submission

1. Effortless Claims Submission: Streamline your practice with Automated Workflow

  • Holistic and integrated approach to medical billing for automating end to end claims process significantly minimizes errors, ensuring a surge in acceptance rates.
  • Leverage the power of electronic claim submissions through our advanced billing software, accelerating the reimbursement timeline and directly impacting the financial robustness of healthcare entities by expediting payments.
  • Employ automated tracking mechanisms to maintain an active pulse on claim statuses. Timely notifications about rejections or denials empower healthcare providers for swift re-submissions, safeguarding the continuity and efficiency of the revenue cycle.
  • With RevenueXL's medical billing software, you can channel your efforts into what truly matters: delivering exceptional care to your patients.
Revenue Cycle Management-1

2. Maximize Returns: Easy Optimization of your RCM Process

  • Streamline the entire revenue cycle management process, significantly boosting efficiency and service quality for healthcare providers.
  • Drastically reduce time-consuming administrative tasks, from the initial patient registration to comprehensive insurance verification, enabling staff to dedicate time to core patient care responsibilities.
  • Seamlessly automate billing and collections processes, minimizing potential errors and mitigating any risks of revenue leakage, thereby ensuring a consistent and predictable revenue flow.
  • Expedite and optimize claims management strategies, ensuring quicker revenue realization and considerably shortening payment turnaround times, pivotal for maintaining a robust cash flow.
  • Amplify accuracy and introduce a predictable revenue model, empowering healthcare providers to strategically plan, allocate, and manage resources with enhanced foresight and precision.
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3. Seamless Integration: Elevate Patient Care with our Integrated EHR Software

  • Unlock unparalleled consistency and accuracy by seamlessly integrating Medical Billing software with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, enhancing data integrity.
  • Dramatically reduce manual data entries, minimizing potential errors, and significantly enhancing the overall operational efficiency of healthcare processes.
  • Empower clinicians to divert their attention from tedious administrative tasks, ensuring a heightened focus on delivering top-notch patient-centered care.
  • Guarantee thorough and meticulous billing processes by seamlessly transferring patient data, eliminating missed charges and bolstering revenue streams.
  • By leveraging integrated, error-free processes, healthcare providers can solidify their financial health and elevate the overall quality of healthcare services rendered.
Code Modifiers

4. Precision in Practice: Elevate Your Standards with Accurate Coding and Compliance Support

  • Harness our medical billing software's up-to-date medical and diagnostic codes, ensuring meticulous billing support and a higher level of accuracy in patient invoicing.
  • With automated code validation, our software significantly reduces billing errors, optimizing the claim acceptance rate and minimizing claim rejections or delays.
  • In a healthcare landscape where regulations evolve constantly, our software's proactive compliance tracking and robust reporting features provide a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Actively safeguard against the pitfalls of non-compliance and mitigate potential penalties with our software's vigilant monitoring and instant reporting mechanisms.
  • Boost operational efficiency manifold by leveraging our automated compliance checks, allowing healthcare staff to reallocate their focus to other tasks and drive overall productivity.
-_Online Scheduling-2

5. Efficient Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

  • Leverage the medical appointment scheduling capabilities to streamline appointment management, increase efficiency and reduce administrative burdens on staff.
  • Use automated reminders to significantly decrease no-shows and cancellations, ensuring better patient attendance and consequently, enhanced revenue.
  • User-friendly interfaces empower healthcare staff to swiftly schedule, reschedule, or manage appointments, leading to heightened productivity.
  • Consistent and timely communication via automated reminders strengthens patient-provider relationships, resulting in increased patient satisfaction.
  • By reducing missed appointments and optimizing schedules, the software maximizes resource utilization, directly benefiting the healthcare practice's operations.
Analytics & Reporting

6. Patient Billing and Payment Tracking

  • Streamline billing with automated invoice generation and payment tracking, reducing manual administrative tasks and allowing staff to concentrate on core responsibilities.
  • Accommodate a variety of payment methods, enhancing patient convenience and fostering prompt settlements, leading to a healthier cash flow.
  • Efficiently manage and monitor outstanding balances using real-time updates, facilitating effective follow-ups on overdue payments.
  • Ensure timely revenue collection by proactively addressing late payments, fortifying the financial health of the healthcare provider.
  • By optimizing the billing cycle and offering flexible payment options, the software strengthens patient-provider trust and ensures operational efficiency.
Analytics & Reporting

7. Customizable Reporting and Analytics

  • Utilize robust reporting and analytics tools for actionable insights; customizable reports empower healthcare providers to make data-informed decisions.
  • Harness data-driven insights from our software to pinpoint areas for revenue enhancement or cost reduction, ensuring optimal efficiency in a competitive landscape.
  • Engage in long-term trend analysis, enabling providers to strategically plan and anticipate future needs and challenges.
  • By recognizing and interpreting trends, healthcare providers can devise strategies in sync with future market demands, bolstering their competitive edge.
  • Prioritize efficiency and foresight with our software, aligning operations with both current challenges and future opportunities.

8. Secure Patient Data Management

  • Prioritize data security in healthcare: our billing software safeguards patient information through encrypted storage and transmission.
  • Maintain patient trust by ensuring their data remains confidential and secure at all times with our advanced protections.
  • Utilize fine-grained access control; only authorized staff can access sensitive details, countering prevalent cyber threats.
  • Ensure compliance with crucial healthcare regulations like HIPAA, minimizing risks of violations and subsequent penalties.
  • Streamlined compliance mechanisms in our software help healthcare providers meet industry standards with ease and confidence.
User Interface for medical software

9. User-Friendly Interface and Customization

  • A user-friendly interface in our Medical Billing software ensures intuitive navigation and reduced training time for users.
  • Numerous customization options let practices tailor our software to their specific needs, boosting overall efficiency.
  • By aligning with individual workflows, our software enhances user productivity and optimizes the billing process.
  • High adoption rates stem from the software's ease of use and flexibility, promoting consistent utilization.
  • An easily adaptable and user-centric design ensures a higher return on investment and optimal operational results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can medical billing software improve the efficiency of my practice?

By automating the claims process, reducing errors, ensuring compliance, speeding up reimbursements, and providing valuable financial reporting, thus freeing your staff to focus more on patient care.

Is our medical billing software secure for sensitive patient data?

Yes, our medical billing software is designed with robust security measures, such as data encryption and access controls, to protect sensitive patient data in compliance with regulations like HIPAA.

How does your medical billing software integrate with electronic health records (EHR) software?

When our medical billing software integrates with other EHR systems, it shares patient demographic details, diagnoses, and treatment information which streamlines the billing process and reduces manual data entry, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency.

How customizable is your software to suit the specific needs of my practice?

Our medical billing software offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor workflows, reports, and features to the unique needs of your practice, providing an optimized, user-friendly experience.

Hear from our Customers

“PrognoCIS is the perfect…system for us. This is our 3rd EMR system and by far better then [sic] then the others. We don’t have to worry about waiting til the next day to access a patient chart. Also very easy to use with [our] dictation system.”

– J. with P.B., MD

“We have been with PrognoCIS for 5 years after experiencing an epic failure with another EHR solution. Our practice is a small private medical office and flexibility is paramount to optimizing our functionality. What we like most about PrognoCIS is the adaptability or customization of the product.”

– A. from S.W. Clinic

“Streamlined, easy to use, and comprehensive! I can customize myself on the fly and I like the ability to…access on my PC, Apple (Mac or iPad at home) or via the iPhone app. After using a few other systems, I saw the designers of PrognoCIS truly understand how a clinical office functions.”

– S. Wellness Group

Fully Integrated, Award-Winning Solutions

EMR Software

Customizable workflow,templates, and content created for your specialty

Meaningful Use Support

Two service options to ensure your MU attestations are smooth and hassle-free

Medical Billing Software

Get paid faster, reduce claim denials and improve efficiency

Patient Portal

Easily share lab results, appointment reminders, statements, and prescriptions with patients

Online payments

Patients can complete secure credit card transactions from the comfort of their homes

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM services process statements and handle claims while you connect with patients

Customized for 30+ Specialties

Designed for specialty, from Allergy to Urology


Quickly prescribe or refill prescriptions and send straight to the patient’s preferred pharmacy

Prescription Management

Surescripts feature allows you to monitor patient prescription usage and medication adherence

Technical Support

Friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 support staff available via support ticket, phone, email, or chat


Quickly enroll your practice with 3rd-party payers and begin seeing patients



Electronically sign documents within EMR or patient portal with HIPAA-compliant e-signature feature


HL-7 interfacing and CCHIT & ONC-ATCB-certified, conforming to critical security and functionality measures

Seamless Correspondence

Communicate with practice & labs, radiology, pharmacies, & referring doctors

Mobile for Today’s World

Convenient with iPhone & iPad

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