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You have hundreds of software programs for billing to Efficient_Medical_Billing_Software.jpgchoose from—but why settle for a generic billing and coding solution designed for a generic practice? Wouldn't you rather manage your practice and your money your way with a billing solution that best fits your needs? With a completely customizable and flexible suite of billing and coding tools you can configure to your unique practice needs.

RevenueXL offers much more than other cookie-cutter solutions. Our medical billing program  is designed to work with you and your workflows, not to replace them with something different, redundant, and hard to learn. You know what best works for you and your practice—we simply help you do it faster and more efficiently, with fewer errors and less duplication of effort.

Best of all, you get completely free Medical Billing System and EHR Software with our medical billing services.


What is Medical Billing Software?

Medical Billing Software is a program used by medical practices, healthcare providers and their administrative staff to automate the medical billing processes and improve their operational efficiency. These medical and administrative processes include the following:
  • Record and manage patient demographics
  • Verify patients’ insurance coverage
  • Scrub and submit insurance claims
  • Bill patients as required
  • Receive and process patient and insurance payments
  • Following up on denied claims and re-submit claims as required
  • Generate financial reports for analyzing practice performance


Get Paid Faster with PrognoCIS Medical Billing System

Cash flow—getting all the revenue you're due as quickly as possible—is key to your financial success. Medical_billing_Software_fast_payment.jpgPrognoCIS, our medical billing system, makes the process simpler than ever:

  • Custom workflows by specialty—that can be further customized to your specific practice processes and needs. Staff learn faster and retain more when the software conforms to existing processes and procedures.
  • Intuitive user screens and interfaces—our billing management software looks and acts like applications you use every day.
  • Scalable solutions for practices of every size and type (single or multiple specialty/multiple location)—available in the option that works best for you: Cloud-based or client-server.
  • Seamless integration with the tools you already use—accounting systems, EMRs, and electronic clearinghouses. You can replace your existing systems with our complete EHR and medical practice software or complement your existing systems with PrognoCIS modules.

Practice Management Your Way with Medical Software

You know what numbers you need to track to manage your practice's financial health. Our practice Practice_Management_my_way.jpgmanagement and medical billing software gives you instant access to the pulse of your practice—and insightful analytics to help you spot trends and variances that impact your bottom line.

  • Anytime/Anywhere access on your laptop or mobile device. You always know what's going on with your patients, staff, and money—and can retrieve data, run reports, and resolve problems at a moment's notice.
  • Customizable reporting with over 100 easily modified report templates lets you drill down into practice data.
  • Seamless, secure communication between your practice and other health care providers and facilities—labs, imaging centers, pharmacies, and hospitals and outpatient centers.
  • Flexible document storage options—convert paper charts and documents into HIPAA-compliant digital records in a cost-effective manner that meets your practice needs.
  • Powerful organizational tools to help you manage your day—and keep up with your to-do list.

Leading Edge Features Put You in Control of Your Revenue Cycle

PrognoCIS is flexible and fully customizable, but it comes standard with a suite of industry-leading featuresPractice_management_Software_in_control.jpg you demand in your medical billing software:

  • Data capture options including scan, point-and-click, and handwriting and voice recognition.
  • Powerful claims scrubbing and verification checks virtually eliminate rejections.
  • Simple insurance and patient billing and payment reconciliation.
  • Custom superbills plus convenient online and print-to-mail billing options.
  • Streamlined eligibility checks.
  • Modifiable claims dashboards to manage claims processing and denials.
  • Compatible with most clearinghouses.
  • Processes electronic EOBs and ERAs.
  • Up-to-date and practice-specific coding and medical necessity documentation management.
  • Comprehensive scheduling module accommodates multiple provider and multiple location-practices with detailed schedule views.
  • HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant; CCHIT, ONC-ATCB, and Meaningful Use certified; HL-7 interfacing—the most secure level of encryption.

Integrated EHR and Billing Software for an All-in-One Solution

EHR_Practice_Management_Allinone.jpgFor a truly customized solution, PrognoCIS offers a complete and fully integrated EHR and medical billing system that gives you ultimate control over every aspect of your practice. Our system improves provider and front office staff efficiency—save time and money on every encounter—while enhancing overall patient care. Billing systems that are fully integrated with EHRs reduce rework and errors created by copying-and-pasting between systems, and offer an integrated view of the patient with minimal clicks.

  • EHR notifications, alerts, and updates—allergies, drug interactions, immunizations, and preventive health measures.
  • ePrescribe with Rx Helper, a prescription analytics and clinical decision support tool.
  • E&M coding support, custom templates that couple complaints with ICD-10 codes for streamlined documentation and accurate billing.
  • View and manage laboratory and imaging orders and results.
  • Collaboration and communication with all involved health care stakeholders including payers, hospitals, ancillary facilities, and school and government agencies and organizations.

Easy Implementation and Superior Support

Don't let fear of the process keep you from progress. When you choose our medical billing and medical Customer Support.jpgpractice management software, we're with you every step of the way to make sure your implementation is seamless with minimal business interruption—and our support doesn't end there.

  • Dedicated implementation specialist to oversee every aspect of the transition.
  • Custom workflow setup.
  • Pharmacy, lab, and imaging interface setup and testing.
  • Paper charts and records scanning and digitization.
  • Comprehensive onsite training.
  • Complete suite of online training tools including detailed videos.
  • Unlimited ongoing support by phone, email, and online chat.

PrognoCIS gives you ultimate flexibility and control over how you manage your operations—without sacrificing the leading edge features and technology you expect from advanced medical practice management software. It really is your practice, your money, your way.

Whether your goal is to increase reimbursement, maximize efficiency, centralize processes, manage revenue cycles, or get ahead of regulatory compliance, PrognoCIS is the solution you've been looking for. Contact us today for a free consultation and demonstration to find out how PrognoCIS works for you.

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