Medical Coding Services

Maximize your reimbursement

RevenueXL provides Medical Coding Services to physician practices across most specialties. We employ credentialed and experienced coders to handle your medical coding work. Our certified coders will help lower your costs and improve or maximize your reimbursement through improved coding accuracy. We deliver fast, accurate and compliant coding services.

Coding Services Offered

  • CPT-4/5, ICD-9/10 and HCPCS medical insurance coding expertise across multiple specialties:
    • Evaluation and management (E&M), inpatient, and outpatient medical coding services for physicians
    • Inpatient, outpatient surgery, emergency room, and outpatient ancillary medical coding services for hospitals
  • Strict conformance with all insurance and governmental regulatory requirements
  • Certified coders verify medical coding accuracy.
  • External coding and compliance experts periodically audit associates to ensure highest accuracy.
  • Digital, searchable access to resource manuals ensures highest medical coding efficiency and accuracy.

Medical Coding Outsourcing Advantages

  • Clean claims, fewer denials, and optimal revenue add value to your bottom-line.
  • Consistent results
  • Reduced risk

Medical Coding Services - Temporary or Long Term

Whether you need temporary help in supplementing your medical insurance coding needs or you are exploring partnering with us on a longer-term basis based on the value that our customized solution provides, we can help.

Medical Billing and Coding Audit Services

Correct medical coding by physicians is critical to getting paid for what you do and for avoiding external audits by Medicare and other payers. However, the only way to determine whether medical coding is appropriate is to compare it against the actual clinical documentation you recorded in the chart. This chart review and coding audit can reveal whether any variation from national averages is due to inappropriate medical coding or to atypical levels of intensity among your patients. Such a medical audit can serve two main purposes: help you make corrections before payers challenge any inappropriate coding and also give you the confidence to fully code the more intense encounters.

Medical Billing Audits

Medical Coding Audit Program

RevenueXL has designed a chart review and medical coding audit program to support the Office of Inspector General's Recommended Compliance Plan. You can enhance your Compliance Program while maximizing reimbursement by participating in our medical coding audit program. Engaging in independent chart review will reduce your potential liability and maximize reimbursement through accurate billing and documentation.

So why not contact us today for your Medical Coding or Coding Audit requirements for your practice by simply completing our Free Demonstration Form.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, and that is our promise to you!