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If you need to speak with a Specialist about any of the following situations or you have any other question, call us at 408-625-7254 or send us a quick message by filling in the form below.

  1. A small clinic looking to implement an easy to use Certified EHR in the next 45-60 days.
  2. Not wanting to change your medical billing software and would like a stand-alone Certified EHR which can interface with your billing application.
  3. A new Practice needing an affordable but full featured Certified EHR.
  4. A new Practice needing a fully financed EHR and Practice Management with outsourced medical billing services.
  5. Not wanting to pay for medical billing component of the integrated EMR and Practice Management Software.
  6. Needing a zero-down financing plan to implement your EHR and that must include hardware, software, training and implementation,
  7. Need assistance with deciding on web based vs. server-based EHR.
  8. Need all your existing custom templates to be developed at no additional cost to you.
  9. Need all training and implementation to be done in-house.
  10. I have been approached by our local REC with their shortlist of 3 EHR vendors. Do I have to implement one of those to qualify for stimulus?
  11. Why should I pay for an EMR when there are many free EMR options? (Read our blog on this topic - Free EMR Software?)


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