Medical Transcription Services - FREE Olympus Dictaphone DS2400

Free Dictaphone for Outsourcing your Medical Transcription work

For a limited time, RevenueXL is offering a very special deal to new customers who sign up for our Medical Transcription Services. You can get FREE Dictaphone DS2400 (or an equivalent model). All you need to do is:

  1. Purchase Olympus digital recorder DS-2400 from us.
  2. Sign up to use our service for minimum of 1 month period.
  3. For first three months, get up to 15% discount on your entire transcription invoice, for an amount equal or less than $250 - price of your digital recorder(s).

Free DS2400 - Salient Features

SD removable media: The supplied 1GB SD Card provides an ample amount of memory and the durability and reliability you need in a removable media card.

DS2 recording: Newly developed DSS Pro (DS2 format) with improved high-quality sound provides highly compressed file size and superior clarity. Supports USB 2.0 High-Speed which enables high speed file transfer to your computer.

Convenient File Creation: End one dictation and begin the next with a simple press of the "New" button.

File Edit: Take advantage of the ability to insert and overwrite on an existing recording file.

DSS Player Software: Provides easy file management in your computer. Supports both Windows and Macintosh.

Other features:

  • Never miss a beat with the voice activated Variable Control Voice Actuator feature that records audio as soon as it senses sound. It conserves memory and battery life, too.
  • Directly connect to a PC for fast file transfers with convenient PC Link capability.
  • A full dot, backlit LCD provides for easy viewing, even in bright conditions, so you can easily watch your recording times, battery life status and more.
  • Save files in high-compression DSS format using the included DSS Player software.
  • Manage audio files in up to 5 customizable folders.
  • New customizable navigation pod.
  • Use the easily accessible "Erase" button to quickly erase single files or entire folders.
  • Switch between "Conference" and "Dictation" settings.
  • Choose between SP and QP recording modes.
  • Finish one dictation and begin the next with a push of the "new" button.
  • Place index marks at specific points in passages for quick retrieval.
  • Compatible with voice recognition software.
  • Enjoy efficient battery power: up to 32 hours provided by two AAA batteries.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.