Patient Portal

Patient Portals for secure communication between providers and patients

Portal is a term, generally synonymous with gateway, for a web site that provides the functions and features to authenticate and identify the users and provide them with an easy, intuitive, personalized and user-customizable web-interface for facilitating access to information and services that are of primary relevance and interests to the users.

A Patient portal lets providers and patients communicate with each other in a safe and secure manner over the internet. Access to the portal is secured through a user id and password that is provided to each patient needing access. It lets the patient review their own private set of documents including lab results, diagnostics, statements, and messages. Providers can use the portal to set up automatic reminders for preventive healthcare checkup reminders, procedure due dates and also send patient statements and lab results to patients electronically. This creates a competitive advantage for your practice by saving time and money through reducing unnecessary and valuable provider face time, staff time, patient follow-up calls, as well as providing patients with greater convenience through saving them time and money by reducing patients taking time to call in, and saving one or more unnecessary trips to the medical office.

RevenueXL brings to you powerful patient portal as a part of our Practice automation suite of products.

Patient Portal - Features

  • Accessibility: Accessible at all times with just a username and password
  • Demographics: Enter and modify Demographic information using Intake forms
  • SOAP Note: Access to subjective portion of SOAP note
  • Appointments: Request for new appointments and review forthcoming appointments
  • Reminders: Reminders from the Provider’s office about pending immunizations and / or laboratory tests
  • E-mails: Receive emails for reminders, upcoming appointments and statements.
  • Messages: Send messages to doctor(s) and staff and receive messages from them as well
  • Laboratory: Send request for a lab test and review and approve lab results
  • Medication: Request prescription refills from the list of all current prescriptions.