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Along with eligibility verification checks, claims scrubbing aids in preventing costly denials and virtually eliminates insurance claim rejection. When you employ our medical billing services, we’ll enhance and customize the software’s built-in claim scrubber to transform it into one that will not only eliminate the need for manual claim scrubbing but also help you achieve a first pass ratio of up to 97%.

This tailored claim scrubber ensures that payer, state, specialty, and practice-specific billing guidelines are met. Our billing team addresses any issue it identifies, makes the necessary correction(s), and reposts the claim so it’s ready to be sent to the clearinghouse.

In addition to a higher first-pass ratio, benefits of claims scrubbing include accelerated revenues and increased cash flow. Less claim rework is necessary, resulting in a reduced number of denials and fewer calls to payers.



What is a Claim Scrubber?

Claim scrubbing refers to the process of cleaning the claim before it is submitted to the clearinghouse and eliminating any errors or omissions which will cause denials or under payment of claims.

Claim scrubber is a piece of software that is often embedded in medical billing software which performs claim scrubbing.

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