Security and HIPAA compliance

Total security means total peace of mind

The HIPAA promise of transforming healthcare is not without challenges for your organization.

If you're serious about reaping the enormous opportunities that HIPAA offers, RevenueXL's HIPAA Compliance Program will give you a perfect framework for change. Healthcare management, staff, and providers are eager to take full ownership of our EZ change process.

RevenueXL's Compliance Program identifies and corrects areas of non-compliance, to protect you against potential fraud and error, add value to your bottom line, and improve patient care.

RevenueXL's Security and Compliance Initiatives

Staff Education/Training Privacy Security
Awareness programs for all employees

Ongoing training and testing programs link HIPAA education to staff reward and recognition schemes.

HIPAA resource directory to update employees on regulations, news, and events

All work scenarios are added to a database to server as references for the future.
Every employee signs a confidentiality agreement, with severe penalties for HIPAA violations.

Access to applications and databases defined on “need to know” and “minimum necessary” basis

HIPAA-compliant procedures in risk areas such as:
  • Data processing
  • Fax and email communication to external agencies
  • Information disclosure to payers, patients, family members, and others
  • Storage, retrieval, and/or disposal of reports and physical records
Physical restrictions on access to work area and network center

Firewall protection of internal networks from the Web

Enterprise-wide multiple virus protection

Each user has unique login, power-on and screensaver passwords.

EMR / EHR Software Solutions

EMR / EHR Software Solutions

Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

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