Medical Transcription Pricing

Guaranteed Low Prices

Our medical transcription service has been utilized by many small and large medical offices around the country. Our low price accompanied by high accuracy and rapid and committed turnaround time are the reasons why our customers remain with us once they use our medical transcription services.

RevenueXL understands that a healthcare organization sometimes has a challenging time comparing one transcription billing methodology to another. In the Medical Transcription area of a facility it is not uncommon for the organization to think they chose the most cost-effective medical transcription service when, in some instances, they have chosen the most expensive. RevenueXL can not only review your past billing methodology and educate you on industry benchmarks, but also make better more cost-effective recommendations for the medical transcription service.

Medical Transcription Prices - Low, Fair and Accurate

RevenueXL follows MTIA (Medical Transcription Industry Alliance) Billing Method Principles. Your bill and its integrity is part of establishing a long lasting, trusting relationship with RevenueXL. We provide you a detailed invoice which can be validated and verified.

RevenueXL prefers to price on a NET/ASCII Line which is defined as 65 printable alpha/numeric characters and spaces (no more than two consecutive spaces) [ASCII table codes 13 (hard carriage return, only when needed) and 32-125 only]. On request, RevenueXL will also price on a Gross line, per report, fixed annual fee or visual black character basis.

Medical Transcription Rate & Pricing

Our prices are reasonable and billed on per NET/ASCII Line  basis (defined above). Price difference depends on factors like practice, quality, upload frequency and quantity of audio files. You are sure to save between 25 and 50% on your current costs.

To start your free trial or to get more information, why not contact us today, you have nothing to lose, but only to gain, and that’s our promise to you.

Free Medical Transcription Trial

We are confident about our ability to meet your Medical Transcription requirements and therefore offer you a no-obligation free trial. To discuss the process associated with free trial, contact us today and we will be happy to work with you to meet your medical transcription requirements.