ENT EHR Software

Best ENT EMR Software for Otolaryngology Surgeons & Physicians

Just like the needs of several specialties, the needs of an ENT and Otolaryngology practice are unique and therefore call for a specialized EMR (Electronic Medical Records) / EHR (electronic Health Records) solution catering to the specific needs of a Otolaryngologist. ENT & Otolaryngology EMRs are designed to meet the specific needs of a Otolaryngologist's practice.

RevenueXL brings to you top rated Otolaryngology EMR software possessing feature-rich solutions for an Otolaryngologist allowing for greater automation and clinical efficiencies.

Our ENT / Otolaryngology Electronic Medical Record Software solution is reliable and based on proven technology to meet the specific needs of the Otolaryngologist. It  also incorporates an electronic superbill and E&M coder that has been customized for the ENT and Otolaryngology specialty.

Our ENT EMR Software system can also be customized to mimic your existing workflow and model your existing templates/forms. Chances are that we already have a template that we have customized for other Otolaryngologists, but even if we have not seen it in the past, we can easily customize EMR software from top rated vendors to specifically meet your needs as a Otolaryngologist.

ENT / Otolaryngology EMR Software generic features

Client/Server or ASP based E&M Coding Assistance
PDR-Based Prescription Writing Lab Interface (Quest, LabCorp)
Custom Decision Support (ADE, Coding) Billing/Scheduling Software Interface
Document/Image Management Tablet PC Enabled
HL7 Custom Interfaces Online Patient Portal


ENT /Otolaryngology EMR Software - Otolaryngology-specific customized EMR

  • Otolaryngology-based protocols and algorithms (decision trees)
    • Complete content for Adult & Pediatric ENT services
    • Complete content for Facial Plastics services
    • Complete content and functionality for Allergy services
    • Complete content for Head & Neck Oncology
    • Complete content for Neuro-Otology
  • Patient information forms (PIFs) and correspondence
  • Skin Endpoint Titration (SET) Allergy module that automatically calculates end points and vial concentrations.
  • Audiology Module allows your audiologist to chart directly into the EMR Software
  • Templated histories and Otolaryngology-focused CPT/ICD-9 codes
  • Prescription hotlists unique to Otolaryngology
  • Otolaryngology Drug Database with interaction checking
  • Otolaryngology specific ICD/CPT Codes

Additionally, Otolaryngology-specific EMRs will include templates for Comprehensive Audiometry, PTA (Air and Air/Bone), Audiology Screening, Audiology SRT, and Tympanometry.

ENT / Otolaryngology EMR - EHR specific templates

Our strategic partners have developed templates specific to your system, which remain customizable for each physician in your clinic. Otolaryngologists will find Custom SOAP Note Templates, many specific templates, information to evaluate quality and cost of care and many other critical features in our feature rich Electronic Medical Record Software.

  • Hearing Assessment Template
  • CT Report of Sinuses Template
  • Sleep Study Template
  • Acoustic Neuroma Template
  • Allergy Template
  • Cancer: Tonsil, Tongue, Nasopharyngeal, Nasal sinus, Laryngeal, Lip with tumor staging Templates
  • Cerumen Impaction Template
  • Chronic Cough Template
  • Dysphagia Template
  • Ear canal problems - Inner and Middle Ear Disease Template
  • Ear Pain Template
  • Epistaxis Template
  • Eustachian tube problems Template
  • Facial paralysis Template
  • Foreign Body of Ear and Nose Template
  • Fractures - Facial, Nasal, Orbital Template
  • GERD Template
  • Headache Template
  • Hearing Loss Template
  • Meniere's Disease Template
  • Mucocele of Lip Template
  • Nasal Polyps Template
  • Neck Abscess Template
  • Olfactory Dysfunction Template
  • Otitis - Externa and Media Template
  • Parathyroidism Template
  • Parotid Gland Template
  • Peritonsillar Abscess Template
  • Pituitary Tumor Template
  • Preauricular Cyst Template
  • Salivary Gland Problems Template
  • Snoring Template
  • Sore Throat Template
  • Subglottic-Tracheal Stenosis Template
  • Thyroid Template
  • Tinnitus Template
  • TMJ Template
  • Tongue Ankyloglossia Template
  • Tympanic Membrane Perforation Template
  • Point-n-Click SOAP Note Templates
  • Custom Otolaryngology SOAP Note Templates
  • Referral Letter Templates customized for the Otolaryngologist

and many more Otolaryngology EHR templates...

ENT / Otolaryngology Billing Services

When you choose to use RevenueXL for providing medical billing services in addition to using its Certified EHR, you will get the following:
  • Daily submission of all claims (electronically or paper, as required)
  • Perform all insurance follow-up
  • Payment posting (Cash receipts, EOB, ERA) including zero pays
  • Denial Analysis and Management
  • Submit all secondary and tertiary claims
  • Generate and Mail Patient Statements
  • Clearinghouse Interface with Real time eligibility
  • Customized practice website linked to patient portal
  • Customized trending reports
  • Monthly Cost - From only 4% of Collections (Practice Management Software included at no additional cost)