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Get Paid Faster with our Medical Billing Software

At RevenueXL, our focus is on boosting your revenue and maximizing your profit without reducing the quality of care you provide to patients.  Efficiency is key, and our medical office software is designed around our passion for the fastest return on your investment.  When it comes to managing your practice and billing, we like to think of ourselves as your partner – and we do everything we can to ensure that your practice is successful.

Our Medical Billing Software Makes Running Your Practice Easy

Most practitioners enjoy their work in medicine, but administrative and billing issues can ruin productivity and create a great deal of stress.  Medical practice management software with streamlined medical billing software eliminates that stress and allows you to enjoy what you love while improving your revenue stream.

  • Simplified screens for ease of workflow
  • Complete mobile flexibility
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Virtually eliminate claim rejections
  • Dramatically increase payment speed
  • Achieve 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Improved collections which frees up additional money for investment in Practice
  • Faster charge and payment entry
  • Improve patient security and patient care
  • Improved front desk and back office efficiency
  • Better profitability with reduced workload and increased pay efficiency

Retain Your Existing Medical Billing Software with our EMR

While our fully integrated EMR solution (that includes Medical Billing software) is always the best choice, you do not have to necessarily give up your existing practice management software.  Our EMR system can interface seamlessly with your existing 3rd party medical billing software.  This seamless interface allows for simple flow of billing as well as demographic data for the most efficient management of the administrative and financial aspects of your practice.  No matter what your current EMR and practice management needs are, we can help you reach your goals of higher revenue, a more efficient office, and superior patient care.


Why Clients Love Working with RevenueXL's Medical Billing and Practice Management Software

Our medical billing and software and practice management software comes loaded with features that will help you stay proactive, so your time isn’t wasted putting out fires.

  • Intuitive schedule to streamline administrative functions
  • Electronic insurance and patient billing to increase the speed and ratio of payments
  • Scheduling views for practices with multiple care providers
  • Customized superbills
  • Complete mobile solution for laptops, tablet pc’s and other mobile devices
  • Electronic remittance advices (ERA’s)
  • Advanced, customizable accounts receivable management
  • Seamless integration with the industry’s leading EMR software systems
  • Fully customizable to match the needs of the practice
  • Document and image storing
  • Simply memo system with ticker/to-do functionality
  • Maximum capable level of data encryption
  • Complete reporting system with more than 100 flexible reports and drill-down metrics
  • HL7 compliant
  • NPI number ready
  • Provides 100% HIPAA compliance

Not sure if you need a complete medical billing software solution?  RevenueXL offers medical coding and accounts receivables management to help you improve the accuracy of your billing at the most reasonable rates in the industry.

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Benefit from the Best in Electronic Medical Billing and Coding Software

Prices vary wildly in the industry for medical billing software and practice management software.  At RevenueXL, we focus on quality – not price.  As a partner, you will benefit from lower monthly fees that include the above features as well as around the clock service and support via phone or email.  Our experienced, highly-trained and friendly support staff is always available to help you get the most out of your medical billing software and practice management software.

Thousands of medical professional across the United States are seeing the highest return on their investment as they streamline efficiency, reduce rejections, improve the speed of their payment cycles and finally enjoy the freedom to run their practice.  Let RevenueXL’s medical billing and coding software help you achieve the same results.

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