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Orthopedics Best Orthopedic EHR

As an Orthopedist, you are often treating patients who have emergency situations. Whether it's a little boy who broke his arm while climbing a tree in the backyard, or it's a hard-working father who injured his back while on the job, your top priority is excellence in patient care. In your specialty, you need the absolute best Orthopedic EHR features to be available to you. Your EHR should support your work in your practice, not cause you headaches. It's very important to choose the right EHR so that you can maintain your level of patient care, and even improve it. 

1. Orthopedic Templates

Searching through general EHR templates to find the ones you need can be very time-consuming. Customized templates for Orthopedics make it easy for you to access what you need, allowing you to focus on your patients' needs and not on your computer. It also saves your staff valuable time, so that they can focus on what your patients need too. 

2. Easy Documentation

One of the best Orthopedic EHR features is easy documentation. However, your EHR should integrate with the way you currently work. No physician wants to change their routine, and your EHR should support the way you work best. If you're used to dictating your notes, your EHR can turn your dictation into text and insert your notes directly into the patient record. If you normally write your notes, hand-writing recognition works the same way. You can even use the mouse to build a note in your patients' records with only a few clicks. The choice is yours. 

3. Coding and Billing 

Coding and billing procedures can be difficult, and when ICD-10 is implemented they will be even more difficult. Your EHR should be updated with all of the current codes, allowing your staff to code and bill without errors, giving you quicker reimbursements. 

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4. Quick Referral Process

As an Orthopedist, making referrals is something you do on a regular basis. Writing out referral letters takes a lot of time, and your patients depend on your practice to provide them with quick referrals to speed up the healing process. Your EHR should rise to the challenge, allowing you to electronically refer patients to other physicians in only a matter of seconds. 

5. Radiology Interface

In order to understand your patients' conditions, you rely on various radiology departments to provide you with X-ray results, as well as other test results. Waiting for films to arrive only delays your patients' treatment. Your EHR should interface seamlessly with radiology departments so that you can have quicker results. 

6. Mobile Access

Being able to access your EHR anywhere is definitely one of the best Orthopedic EHR features. Even on the weekend, at home, you'll have instant access to your patients' charts. You'll also be able to take advantage of using mobile devices during your appointments, instead of being confined to a computer. 

7. Schedule Management

An organized schedule is essential to protecting the patient flow within your practice. Your EHR should provide your patients with reminders about their appointments, in the form of communication they choose. These automated reminders free up your staff to take care of other, more pressing concerns. 

Having the best Orthopedic EHR features makes all the difference, and using a more general EHR is too time-consuming and tedious. If you'd like to discuss a better EHR solution for your Orthopedics practice, we'd love to talk to you. We'll provide you with an Orthopedics EHR software that you'll be able to transition to seamlessly, and you'll have all of the support you need during the implementation process. For more information, contact us today!

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