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In today's dynamic landscape of medical practice management, maximizing efficiency and accuracy is paramount for delivering top-tier patient care. Our cloud-based electronic health record is integrated with the practice management software you need to navigate the complexities of practice management with ease, ensuring seamless operations and top-notch patient care.

Practice management software streamlines and optimizes healthcare operations with tools for appointment scheduling, reminders, eligibility verification, and medical billing, empowering staff to focus on patient care.

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EMR Program


Appointment Reminder or Scheduler_Appointment Reminder or Scheduler-1

1. Patient Registration and Appointment Scheduling

  • Seamless Registration: Transition from cumbersome paper methods with an integrated digital registration system. This innovation promises rapid, error-free data entry and significantly reduces redundancy in capturing patient details.
  • Intelligent Scheduling Tools: This feature reduces patient wait times and ensures optimal medical staff utilization. Smart alerts and algorithms work diligently behind the scenes to prevent overbookings and slot overlaps.
  • Efficient Data Access: A systematically designed database interface facilitates rapid access to patient records. This ensures that providers have essential patient information at critical moments, elevating the standard of care.
Revenue Cycle Management-1

2. Integrated with RCM Software

  • Comprehensive Billing Oversight: This feature captures the entire billing journey, from precise invoice generation to the intricate processes of claims and disputes. By streamlining this, practices experience improved cash flow and reduced financial discrepancies.
  • Insurance Mastery: Through deft management of insurance protocols and the capability to provide accurate patient cost estimates, the system fosters trust and reduces potential billing disputes, ensuring smoother transactions.
  • Real-time Financial Tools: The inclusion of advanced payment tracking tools provides an unprecedented view into revenue streams, ensuring better financial planning and management.

3. Seamless Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • Interoperable Systems: A seamless connection to existing EHR platforms ensures providers have real-time access to patient data, facilitating more informed medical decisions.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Features are embedded to ensure continuous compliance with ever-evolving healthcare mandates, giving peace of mind to providers.
  • Data Management Excellence: With quick access tools, intelligent search algorithms, and advanced storage solutions, clinicians can navigate patient records with ease, efficiency, and confidence.
Patient Engagement

4. Integrated with Patient Engagement Tools

  • Proactive Health Engagement: Personalized health notifications and resources not only keep patients informed but also encourage them to be active participants in their wellness journey.
  • Transparent Communication Tools: Direct messaging and feedback tools ensure that patients and providers maintain open channels of communication, cementing the bond of trust.
  • Tailored Patient Experiences: Customizable tools allow practices to engage with patients on a personal level, catering to individual preferences and enhancing the overall patient experience.
Electronic Prescription

5. Efficiently Manage Prescriptions (eRx): Streamline Medication Processes for Improved Patient Care

  • Precision in Medication: The streamlined prescription process is crafted to enhance accuracy, ensuring patients are provided with the correct medication dosages, reducing potential adverse effects.
  • Integrated Pharmacy Collaborations: The system seamlessly connects with pharmacies, streamlining the medication refill process and offering tools to monitor patient medication adherence.
  • Real-Time Medication Safety Checks: Drug interactions can pose significant risks. Real-time drug interaction checks work behind the scenes, ensuring prescriptions are both effective and safe.
Compliance and Regulations

6. Security & Compliance Management

  • Regulatory Adherence: The ever-evolving landscape of healthcare regulations is easily navigated with continuous software updates, ensuring practices remain compliant with standards like HIPAA.
  • Data Safeguarding: Multi-layered security measures provide the foundation of the system, making sure patient data is protected from potential breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The system conducts regular audits, coupled with real-time alerts, guaranteeing continuous compliance and allowing for rapid adjustments when necessary.
Analytics & Reporting

7. Valuable Reporting and Analytics

  • Operational Insight Tools: Generate in-depth operational reports, offering a clear view of practice trends, bottlenecks, and potential growth areas.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: Advanced algorithms analyze vast datasets, turning them into actionable insights, guiding practices towards informed decisions.
  • Customizability: Regular software updates and customizable dashboards ensure relevance and allow clinics to hone in on specific data points, adapting as the healthcare landscape evolves.
Patient Portal

8. Revolutionary Patient Portal

  • Universal Secure Access: Connect seamlessly via any internet-enabled device—tablets, smartphones, PCs, or Macs—with two-factor authentication ensuring data security. Send appointment reminders, view lab results, and streamline communication.

  • Integrated Patient Tools: Check and request appointments, view statements, and ask for prescription refills. Facilitate rapid communication with other healthcare providers, ensuring cohesive patient care without delays.

  • Boosted Engagement & Efficiency: Enhance patient engagement, loyalty, and health outcomes. Simplify administrative tasks with online forms and patient-driven scheduling, all within a HIPAA-compliant environment.

User Interface for medical software

9. Enhanced Communication Tools

  • Streamlined Team Communication: Advanced internal messaging systems ensure seamless synchronization among staff members. With these tools, communication gaps are eliminated, fostering unified care and bolstering administrative efficiency.

  • Direct & Secure Patient Interactions: Prioritizing the bond between patients and healthcare providers, integrated tools facilitate appointment reminders, health updates, and real-time feedback. This fosters trust, ensuring patients remain informed and engaged every step of their health journey.

  • Integrated Alerts & Automated Notifications: Tailored notifications and alerts enhance patient adherence, ensuring they’re kept abreast of upcoming appointments, medication schedules, and essential health milestones.

interoperability in healthcare

10. Seamless Integration and Interoperability

  • Advanced System Synchronization: RevenueXL stands out in its ability to harmoniously interact with a multitude of platforms, breaking data silos and ensuring a comprehensive patient care approach by maintaining up-to-date information across various systems.

  • Open System Adaptability: Embracing an Open API infrastructure, RevenueXL offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for easy integration with a wide range of third-party apps and tools, positioning practices to remain adaptable to the ever-evolving healthcare tech landscape.

  • Unified Healthcare Data Framework: Our commitment to real-time data synchronization ensures every stakeholder has access to the most current and comprehensive patient data, fostering effective clinical decisions and enhanced patient outcomes.

Benefits of Telemedicine

11. Telemedicine Capabilities

  • Holistic Patient Care: Bridging geographical barriers, the software offers patients, especially in underserved regions, swift access to expert diagnoses, treatments, and real-time care.

  • Optimized Virtual Engagement: Our custom mobile app blends text, email, and video, simplifying remote consultations and bolstering patient-provider interactions while lowering costs.

  • Unparalleled Access & Integration: Within a HIPAA-compliant framework, physicians can access patient charts, prescribe medications, and seamlessly liaise with other healthcare departments.

  • Scalability and Connectivity: Perfect for solo practitioners to large medical facilities, RevenueXL ensures smooth communication with essential healthcare entities, centralizing critical interactions.


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“PrognoCIS is the perfect…system for us. This is our 3rd EMR system and by far better then [sic] then the others. We don’t have to worry about waiting til the next day to access a patient chart. Also very easy to use with [our] dictation system.”

– J. with P.B., MD

“We have been with PrognoCIS for 5 years after experiencing an epic failure with another EHR solution. Our practice is a small private medical office and flexibility is paramount to optimizing our functionality. What we like most about PrognoCIS is the adaptability or customization of the product.”

– A. from S.W. Clinic

“Streamlined, easy to use, and comprehensive! I can customize myself on the fly and I like the ability to…access on my PC, Apple (Mac or iPad at home) or via the iPhone app. After using a few other systems, I saw the designers of PrognoCIS truly understand how a clinical office functions.”

– S. Wellness Group

RevenueXL EHR Software:
A Fully Integrated, Award-Winning EMR, PM, & Billing Solution

EMR Software

Customizable workflow,templates, and content created for your specialty

Meaningful Use Support

Two service options to ensure your MU attestations are smooth and hassle-free

Practice Management

Easily identify patient eligibility and reconcile accounting and insurance billing

Patient Portal

Easily share lab results, appointment reminders, statements, and prescriptions with patients

Online payments

Patients can complete secure credit card transactions from the comfort of their homes

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM services process statements and handle claims while you connect with patients

Customized for 30+ Specialties

Designed for specialty, from Allergy to Urology


Quickly prescribe or refill prescriptions and send straight to the patient’s preferred pharmacy

Prescription Management

Surescripts feature allows you to monitor patient prescription usage and medication adherence

Technical Support

Friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 support staff available via support ticket, phone, email, or chat


Quickly enroll your practice with 3rd-party payers and begin seeing patients



Electronically sign documents within EMR or patient portal with HIPAA-compliant e-signature feature


HL-7 interfacing and CCHIT & ONC-ATCB-certified, conforming to critical security and functionality measures

Seamless Correspondence

Communicate with practice & labs, radiology, pharmacies, & referring doctors

Mobile for Today’s World

Convenient with iPhone & iPad

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