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3 Medical Billing KPIs Physicians Need to Absolutely Monitor after ICD-10

Posted by Alok Prasad

What Should You be Worried About After Implementing ICD-10?

The ICD-10 transition has gone surprisingly well for many physician practices nationwide. However, the industry is bracing for what could be a flood of denials once payers begin to adjudicate claims. Monitoring certain key performance indicators (KPI) will be critical, says Deborah Grider, CCS-P CDIP CPC CPMA CPC-H CPC-P, healthcare consultant at KarenZupko & Associates. This article identifies three of the most important medical billing KPIs that every practice should monitor now and heading into 2016.

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AR Days: Keep this Revenue Cycle Metric Under Control

Posted by Sr. Analyst

AR Days

One of the key performance indicators that drives the success of any medical-related practice or organization is Days in AR, or AR days. AR days measures the amount of time it takes to receive payment on a claim. According to hospital benchmarks, AR days for facilities can range between 30 and 70 days. Most experts agree that an average AR days measurement above 50 indicates a problem in medical billing or collection processes.

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Five KPIs You Can't Ignore in Your Small Medical Practice

Posted by Shreya Iyer

It's tempting to put the business of your small medical practice on the back burner to concentration on patient care. While patient care should always be the first priority of medical staff, you can't ignore key performance indicators that tell you how your practice is faring in financial and regulatory waters.

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