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How Does Transcription Enhance Electronic Medical Records?

Posted by Alok Prasad

When EMR was first developed, it was assumed that these systems would replace certain jobs within the medical office. One of those jobs was that of the transcriptionist. However, as time has gone on, more and more physicians have realized the need to continue dictating their notes, rather than use the "point and click" system that most EMR's come equipped with. The result is that transcription has maintained its importance within the medical field, resulting in most practitioners finding a way to make the two work together. 

Save Time

Especially during the implementation period, it takes time for physicians to get used to using an EMR system. While EMR definitely makes each patient encounter more efficient, it can take some time to learn how each section of the program works. That means that in order to be sure it's being used correctly, many practices have had to cut down on the number of patients they see in the beginning of the implementation stage. Even though this is only a temporary decrease, any decrease at all means that there is less money coming into the practice. Physicians have learned that they can maintain (or even increase) the number of patients they see by using transcription services to assist in their documentation. In doing so, they're also able to offer their patients an excellent standard of care. 

Cut Costs

Utilizing transcription services to maintain the number of patients that can be seen every day is only one way that transcription can be used to compliment EMR. There are other significant savings to be had by continuing to use transcription that enhance EMR a great deal. First of all, it simply makes sense to not require physicians to perform data entry within the EMR system. Their skills are better used elsewhere, and data entry costs are minimal when transcription services are used. When transcription services are used to complement EMR, the result is an increase in revenue for the practice, which is usually seen shortly after implementation.

Provide Convenience

One of the top complaints physicians have is that it's difficult to get used to using EMR. Whether that's because of hurried training, or lack of interest in correctly learning the system, the fact remains that most physicians want to be able to implement it and have it work for them without a lot of fuss. If you're like many physicians, your idea of an excellent EMR system is one that provides you with convenience by allowing you to take some of the best parts of your job and integrate them seamlessly with the EMR. It's very important to most physicians that they're able to continue dictating their notes. Transcription also results in medical records that are much more detailed and easy to understand, which greatly improves both the patient encounter and the level of care you're able to offer to your patients. 

Are you currently using the transcription services with your EMR? If not you might be finding that your EMR isn't exactly as efficient as you thought it might be. Transcription services can help you get the absolute best results from your EMR, ensuring that you're able to provide your patients with continued excellence in care and attest to meaningful use. If you're not satisfied with the EMR system that you currently have in place, we'd like the opportunity to talk to you. EMR was designed for the purpose of making your life easier, and we can help make that happen. For more information on our EMR services, contact us today!

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Larger practices and organizations in the health care industry are readily switching over to electronic medical records and reaping the rewards, but small to mid-sized practices are much slower to adopt and make the transition due to a number of barriers - with particular concern to how it will slow down treatment times and affect the bottom line during implementation. 

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Medical Transcription - Will Thou Really Become Extinct Soon?

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Now with the Obama administration pumping in money in healthcare by incentivizing Physicians implementing certified EHRs and demonstrating meaningful use, many EMR vendors are again proclaiming the demise of Medical Transcription stating that after implementation of EMR / EHR Software, the Physicians can eliminate use of Medical Transcription services altogether.

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