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Small practices often struggle to comply with ever changing regulations and mandates such as those set forth in new ICD-10 regulations, CMS mandates and shift away from fee-for-service reimbursement and toward value-based payment. Physicians also find themselves under constant pressure to get paid for the work they do in view of the frequently changing payer requirements resulting in increasing administrative burden and operational costs.

Small and midsize practices need to adjust to the regulatory environment by either outsourcing revenue cycle management or by pursuing efficiencies via integration of existing or easily obtainable technologies. Purchasing separate and incompatible systems with little interoperability may result in newer types of challenges. An EHR system, an evolved and packaged Electronic Medical Records System, offers a solution to these issues, with RevenueXL’s PrognoCIS EHR system leading the pack.

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What is an EHR System?

EHR Systems are much more than EMR Systems. An EHR System is an integrated set of interoperable elements, each with explicitly specified and pre-defined capabilities, working seamlessly to perform value-added processing to enable a user to achieve set objectives.

It often includes the following components :

  • A document manager that allows clinicians to access and view images and patient file information;
  • Patient service tools offering triage tools, coordination care, lab results, intake forms, medication tracking and more;
  • A patient portal that enables patients to contact a practice with questions and refill requests, and permits the office to send reminders and messages, and allow access of information including test results;
  • Workflow tools to manage the practice, track communications and issue resolution status; and
  • Hardware including servers, work stations, tablets, scanners, printers.

For differences between and EHR and EMR, click here.

How RevenueXL’s EHR System Leads the Way

RevenueXL’s EHR Solution is ICD-10 compliant and also allows practices the choice of a cloud based EHR system (ASP/SaaS) or a server based option. This flexible and affordable EHR has a number of features that practices have come to rely upon and has been awarded a 5-star Usability Rating from CCHIT. Features of our user-friendly EHR system include:

  • Integrated Electronic Health Records and Practice Management software that interfaces with existing Medical Billing software
  • A free Lab (Quest of Labcorp) Interface
  • Free ePrescribing (eRx)
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 ready EHR with Stimulus Dashboard
  • An appointment reminder system
  • Patient portal containing lab results, medication tracking, intake forms and more
  • Choice of hosting systems: Cloud or Server-based
  • An intuitive and adaptive interface, designed with ease of navigation in mind, and incorporating familiar terms to assist the transition
  • ONC-ATCB Certification to keep practices compliant
  • An interface with Dragon for Hands-free Note Dictation

What does RevenueXL Offer?

You will get:

  • Fully customized EHR for your unique specialty based templates and workflow needs at your practice
  • Extensive training for providers and staff
  • Rapid 30 day implementation
  • Free EHR with comprehensive medical billing services @2.5%
  • A complimentary medical website for your clinic
  • Flexible and attractive financing terms

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