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Best 7 Family Practice EMR Software Features for Every Family Physician

Posted by Alok Prasad

Family Practice EMR As a family physician, it's important for you to function as a sort of "jack of all trades". In addition to offering your patients physical exams, you also frequently pull from various specialties in treating their conditions. For that reason, it's important for you to have an EHR for Family Practice, instead of a generic EMR that doesn't provide you with every feature you need.

Specific Templates

Because you're expected to treat a variety of illnesses and medical conditions, specific templates are an absolute must. Family practice EHR systems have ready-made templates that are already customized according to your needs. So, whether you're seeing a child who needs a sick note for school, or you're visiting with an elderly gentleman with a heart condition, everything you need for a smooth patient encounter is right at your fingertips. 

Billing and Coding

ICD-10 is going to change billing and coding tremendously once it becomes mandatory for practices to begin using the new billing codes. Those who aren't prepared for the change, or whose EMR software isn't up to date, will find that many of their claims are rejected, and billing will quickly become a big headache. With family practice electronic health records, you'll find billing and coding to be simple for your staff, alerting them to any mistakes, and resulting in quicker reimbursement for you.

Easy Test Integration

One of the concerns many family physicians have about using EMR is being able to easily integrate the system to read the various tests they have to order throughout the course of a day. Your family practice electronic health records system should quickly provide you with the test results you need, as soon as the tests have been completed. Reading them should be easy, allowing you to quickly diagnose and treat your patients. 

Laboratory Interface

Patients appreciate convenience, and when your EMR is able to communicate with local laboratories to order tests, it makes life much easier for you and your patients. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you'll be able to send out blood test orders, and you won't have to worry about your patients losing their paperwork. They'll be in and out of the lab much quicker, and you'll have your results quicker too.

Patient Portal

An important part of Stage 2 Meaningful Use is providing your patients with a way to access their medical records through your EMR. With a patient portal, you'll be able to easily educate your patients on how important and simple it is to access their records, and even make their own appointments. 


Another convenient feature your patients will appreciate is e-prescribing. With just a few clicks, your patients' prescriptions will be at the pharmacy, making it easy for them to pick them up on their way home. Your EMR will also alert you to any potential interactions or problems, saving you time later on. 

Achieve Meaningful Use

You're probably very interested in achieving Meaningful Use in order to qualify for Federal reimbursements for your EMR system. A family practice EMR should guide you every step of the way, giving you the information you need to adjust the way you use the system, and bring you closer to achieving Meaningful Use.

If you already have a family practice electronic health records system, perhaps you're afraid that you've made the wrong choice. Or, maybe you've put off choosing one because you were unsure about the features you'd need. We're confident that we can provide you with a great EMR solution for your family practice. For more information, contact us today!


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