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Medical Coding: ICD-10 - Is It Too Specific?

Posted by Alok Prasad

This year is the official deadline for the switch to the new International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems version 10, known simply as ICD-10. One of the more controversial, or beneficial depending on how you look at it, features of ICD-10 is the expansion of code classifications. Some in the health care industry think that ICD-10 takes it just a little too far. The federal agencies that developed the classification standards went into great detail with version 10 as a way to enhance coding, but may end up bogging it down instead.

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Coding Compliance Audit - Still a Good Idea for Physicians?

Posted by Alok Prasad

This time I decided to write this post about a slightly different topic - Coding Compliance. As we discuss below, when physicians implement EMR or EHR, the need for a good compliance plan will not disappear contrary to what some physicians may believe.

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