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    How To Pick the Best EMR Vendor For Your Practice

    Posted at Apr 29, 2013 10:41:00 AM

    Best EMR Vendor

    In this day and age, when providers are switching EMRs right and left, we all know that they went wrong in one...

    Coding Compliance Audit - Still a Good Idea for Physicians?

    Posted at May 13, 2010 7:39:00 PM

    This time I decided to write this post about a slightly different topic - Coding Compliance. As we discuss below, when...

    8 Cardinal Sins of EMR Training

    Posted at Oct 30, 2009 8:04:00 PM

    EMR Training

    Here's a multiple-choice quiz with an answer that may surprise you:

    What's the most expensive cost element when you...

    Top 10 EHR Software Selection Blunders

    Posted at Oct 23, 2009 10:26:00 PM

    EHR Software and Vendor Selection

    When you take on the onerous task of selecting the right EMR Software (aka EHR Software) for...

    Guaranteed Roadmap to a Failed EMR Implementation

    Posted at Oct 5, 2009 9:34:00 PM

    You probably spent several months in EMR vendor selection process. Right? Did you realize that you need to spend at least as...