6 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an EHR System

Posted by: Alok Prasad

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ehr mistakesSelecting the best EHR system for your medical practice is crucial in order for you to comply with new HIPAA requirements for coding, billing and documentation of services provided. It is also essential for ordering tests and providing prescriptions for medicines and medical devices. Each practice is different and has different needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Health care providers often make mistakes when making their choice and have ended up with an unusable platform after paying hundreds of dollars for it. Here are just a few suggestions of things to avoid during your selection process.

1) Not knowing what features are included.

Not all EHR systems are exactly the same. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate between them all. When it comes to EHR systems, demos go a long way. Requesting a demo can be a great way to see what features are included in a specific vendor’s product, and whether or not they perform in a way that works best for your practice.  Relying on a basic list of features without actually seeing the product can lead to issues and misunderstandings. Depending on your specific needs, it may be worth it to demo both general and specialty EHR systems.

Some systems come with an interface of poorly designed practice management system. Advice from an experienced practice management consultant is to actually visit an office that is already using the system you are considering purchasing and watch how it works in a real workplace setting.

2) Not getting quotes, in writing, from several different vendors.

Keep in mind, the most expensive system does not mean it is the best one. If the system does not work for you, you must be able to walk away from it when you choose to. Ensure that you get written quotes from several vendors which must include all the features that you consider 'essential' for your practice.

3) Not asking enough questions of the vendor.

Ask how many other practices of your specialty or size are using the system. Can the vendor arrange for you to visit a physician who is using the system so you can view it personally and ask the user questions? Who owns the company you would be buying the system from? How long has it been in business? Who do you call for technical support? How long will it take for them to respond to your requests for help and support?

4) Not taking advantage of cloud-based EHR systems.

The cloud intimidates some who are concerned about security. Recent advances in technology make the cloud the safest place for your patient information. There is round-the-clock security and availability. It is less prone to cyber-attacks and loss of data than are systems that are not on the cloud.

5) Failing to consider the usability of the program.

Is entering data a complicated procedure? How easy is it for mistakes to be made? How accessible is the data after it is entered? How simple is it to update or correct data?

 6) Forgetting why you are choosing an EHR system.

An effective EHR system should increase the quality of patient care and the efficiency of the medical practice. Additionally, a well-picked EHR system can leave to an increase in revenue as the medical practice becomes more efficient and productive.

There should also be an increase in revenue since the overall business of the medical practice will be more efficient and productive.

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