4 Reasons Why EHR Template Customization Matters

Posted by: Aparna Prasad

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EHR Template Customization

The healthcare world continues to change right before our eyes, with constant technology improvements in turn improving healthcare procedures and delivery for billions of patients. The development of EMR has done much to improve the healthcare experience, but this is definitely not the time to get complacent. EHR templates continue to evolve, taking on features that make them more efficient, more accurate and far easier to use. In this age of ever-changing EMR templates, it is more important than ever for practices to allow for plenty of EMR template customization. Inflexible EMR templates can easily pull an otherwise viable practice under. Here's why:

1. Efficiency

Medical professionals often complain about EHR templates, and with good reason; the traditional EHR templates happen to be quite inflexible. With such templates, doctors, nurses and specialists are forced to address patients in words that are not their own and may or may not apply directly to the situation at hand. At the same time, templates can provide for amazing efficiency, a quality that is most definitely needed in the harried medical world.

The main advantage of EHR template customization is that it provides efficiency without straitjacketing the medical professional into a script that sounds completely unnatural and ill-suited for the task at hand.

2. Personalization

As mentioned above, standard EMR templates are limited in that the address all patients as if they are one and the same. The fact is, every patient's circumstances may be just a little bit different, and, if you are unable to address these differences, you could be doing your patient a huge disservice.

EMR template customization allows you to alter templates as much or as little as needed based on the patient's unique situation. You'll feel better knowing that you have done your best to provide all patients with great medical treatments and even better bedside manners.

3. Organization

At this point, highlighting the benefits of electronic health records over the traditional paper method should not be necessary. But you'd be amazed at how many medical professionals continue to bad-talk EMR templates while forgetting the many problems that accompanied past methods of electronic health records.

Templates have served the medical establishment well over the years in that they offer unparalleled organization capabilities. Paperwork is far less likely to be lost when it is precisely stored and constantly accessible through the advanced EMR system. EHR template customization takes the advantages of EMR to a whole new level by addressing many of the common concerns that prevented medical professionals from taking on the electronic format in the first place.

4. Emergencies

While medical emergencies are standard for practices and especially in emergency rooms, some emergencies take on a different scale than others. When an emergency takes place on a massive scale, it is important for medical establishments be able to address the situation quickly and efficiently.

For example, when a drug recall takes place, practices must contact patients prescribed the drug in question, provide potential replacements and address any potential problems that may have occurred as a result of taking that drug. EMR template customization can provide medical practices with the tools they need to take care of such a mass scale operation.

EMR template customization has become the approach of choice for medical professionals all over the world. Leave behind straitjacketed feeling of traditional EHR templates and get the best of both worlds with EHR template customization!

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