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CCHIT Certifies EHRs Under 2011 Criteria

Posted by EHR Analyst on Tue, Dec 01, 2009 @ 11:52 PM

The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology has announced the first electronic health records products certified under its 2011 criteria.

The Chicago-based organization has two programs for 2011 that include criteria to support proposed federal standards for qualifying for Medicare/Medicaid incentive payments under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The government has not officially proposed standards. But based on some requirements in the law and recommendations from federal advisory committees, CCHIT has launched initial 2011 certification programs that it will modify if necessary.

The CCHIT Certified Comprehensive program is an update of the organization's traditional EHR certification service. The Preliminary ARRA certification program focuses on the standards for qualifying for the Medicare and Medicaid incentives for meaningful use of EHRs.

The initial EHR product certified under the Certified Comprehensive program is ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM, Version 11, from ABEL Medical Software Inc.

The initial EHR products certified under the Preliminary ARRA program are:

  • eHealth Made EASY, Version 3, from eHealth Made EASY LLC. The product is certified for supporting two of 27 meaningful use objectives for eligible providers and 2 of 24 objectives for hospitals;
  • KIS Track, Version 5.1, from Kaulkin Information Systems, supporting 2 of 27 objectives for eligible providers; and
  • Medios, Version 4.5, from IOS Health Systems, supporting 27 of 27 objectives for eligible providers.

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Author: Joseph Goedert

Source: Health Data Management

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