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Medicare Part B is tops in satisfaction : MGMA survey

Posted by EHR Analyst on Wed, Oct 14, 2009 @ 07:42 PM

Medicare Part B vs. Other Health Plans 

MGMA members rate Medicare Part B as the top performer in a survey of member satisfaction with major health plans. They gave Medicare Part B the highest marks on questions related to responsiveness, transparency, prompt payment and overall satisfaction with general administrative functions.

Aetna ranked second, and CIGNA was third. United Healthcare was at the bottom at No 7.

The survey showed respondents are most satisfied with the disclosure of payers' fee schedules and prompt payment of claims. Administrative processes that are standardized and transparent also produced high satisfaction scores.

Physician Credentialing

MGMA members expressed a high level of satisfaction with the major private health plans regarding their provider credentialing processes, but indicated dissatisfaction with this process for Medicare.

"Despite the fact that Medicare consistently underpays and places member practices in an increasingly difficult financial situation - with a looming 21 percent cut to physician payments - MGMA members were positive about the standardized and predicable nature of how the program is administered," said William F. Jessee, MD, the MGMA's president and CEO. "Our members appreciate payers that provide clear, consistent processes, especially processes that are based on industry-wide standards."

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