ePrescribing Gets Cheaper : Surescripts announces significant price reduction

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Surescripts, The Nation's E-Prescription Network, today announced that it has lowered the cost of e-prescribing services used millions of times each day by physicians, pharmacists and payers nationwide. After six years of no price increases, the announcement illustrates how replacing a manual, paper-based process with health information technology creates a more efficient and, ultimately, lower-cost means of providing care.

Surescripts operates the nation's largest e-prescription network and supports a rapidly expanding ecosystem of healthcare organizations nationwide. Surescripts was founded on the principles of neutrality, transparency, interoperability, education, collaboration and quality. Surescripts' e-prescribing services allow physicians to electronically send prescriptions from their offices to any of 52,000 retail pharmacies and six of the largest mail-order pharmacies. In addition, Surescripts provides physicians with electronic access to their patients' prescription benefit and prescription history, which helps to improve safety and enables doctors to prescribe medications with the lowest out-of-pocket cost to the patient. Beginning Jan. 1, 2010, Surescripts reduced what pharmacies, pharmacy vendors and pharmacy benefit managers pay for e-prescribing.

Read full press release here.

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