Web Based EMR

RevenueXL provides you with two main options for implementing PrognoCIS - its flagship EHR Software:

1. Client-Server based EMR or simply on-premises EMR

When you choose to implement a client server-based EMR system, your practice invests in necessary servers and infrastructure to host the EMR, and provide the necessary maintenance and security to store and manage the data. Until recently, client server EMRs were the norm for most medical practices.

2. Cloud based EHR or simply online EHR

SaaS based EHR SoftwareWeb based EMR, also called hosted EMR, cloud based EMR, or Software as Service (SaaS) EMR, resides on the vendor's network and is accessed via the Internet on the client's devices and equipment. The practice leasesthe software and network on a monthly or annual subscription basis from the EMR vendor.

Due to the recent advancements in technology and the benefits associated with cloud-based technologies, most of the applications that were once based on client-server technology have been migrated to cloud technology. As a result, most of the recent implementations of EMR by small and mid-sized practices are based on cloud technology.

Web based EHR


Advantages of implementing or migrating to a web-based EHR

Today's health care professionals are tech savvy and dependent on a variety of mobile devices to manage their daily tasks. Shouldn't your EMR seamlessly integrate with the other tools you use every day in patient care? 

When you switch your practice to an online EHR, you harness the power of your go-to devices to simplify your workflow and increase productivity. In addition, a cloud based EHR offers the following advantages:

  1. Your EHR vendor is responsible for implementing a highly secure network that is guaranteed to meet or exceed HIPPA and other federal privacy mandates.
  2. Since you do not have to purchase new servers nor implement sophisticated backup systems, your initial cost to implement an EMR System is reduced significantly thus improving the ROI (return on investment).
  3. Eliminates or reduces the need for costly in-house IT support; tasks such as migrating and backing up data, and server maintenance are all handled for you with expenses included in your monthly subscription fee
  4. Since you do not need any dedicated space to house servers etc., your physical footprint and therefore real estate costs are reduced significantly.
  5. Upgrades and software patches are applied automatically after the critical operating window and therefore reduced the down time.
  6. Your Cloud-based EMR System scales easily to meet the needs of a growing practice. It is relatively easier to add new users, doctors or locations. Cloud-based-ehr-advantages-disadvantages

Disadvantages of cloud-based EHR

While a large proportion of small and mid-sized practices are adopting cloud-based EHRs, they should be aware of a number of associated disadvantages.

  1. In general server based EMRs are more customizable. However, with maturing of technology, cloud-based EHRs are enabling a number of user driven customizable features impacting look and feel.
  2. Cloud or internet technology can introduce some intrinsic latency or lag time while accessing medical records across the web leading to slower response time
  3. Vendor is responsible for all the backups and security - this is as much a boon as much as bane. As a customer of cloud-based EHR vendor, you have no control over such operational matters which can have impact on the viability of your practice.
  4. It may be have a bigger total cost of ownership over a longer period since the monthly cost paid to the EHR vendor does not taper off with elapsing of time.
  5. Complete outage in internet services or poor connectivity or inadequate bandwidth availability can impact the practice adversely.

What is the difference between Cloud based or Online EHR and Server-based EHR?

A.K.A. online or cloud based EHR, these EHRs have all the same functionality as a server-based EMR hosted on a network and server based in your own office—the main difference with an online EHR is that all information is accessed remotely through an Internet browser or application interface. The software itself and all the data resides on infrastructure maintained by your EHR vendor.

This frees you from the costs associated with owning and maintaining your own server and IT infrastructure. You still own all your own data, but your vendor is responsible for storing it and ensuring its security and integrity. It also gives you convenient anytime/anywhere access to your patient and medical records using your existing mobile devices.

Types of Web based EMRs

There is one more nuance that you should be aware of. Web based EMRs are often based on ASP (Application Service Provider) or SaaS (Software as Service). Specific differences between these two have been discussed in our blog here.

MACRA - Certified Web based EMR Software

RevenueXL's flagship product PrognoCIS incorporates the latest cloud based technology. It is a comprehensive SaaS based Electronic Medical Records Software (SaaS EMR) which provides medical practices with a full suite of essential features, making it easy for practices to store, create, share and track digital patient data. Practices looking to improve productivity and efficiency will appreciate the following benefits that PrognoCIS, our web based EMR software, offers.

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PrognoCIS EHR is a Fully Certified Cloud-based EHR

PrognoCIS is a MACRA Certified EHR. One of the most affordable SaaS based EHR Software, PrognoCIS is not only CCHIT Certified (which means our software has been inspected for security, privacy interoperability and comprehensive functionality and it meets or exceeds any Federal standards applicable to cloud based EHR technology), it is also ONC-ATCB certified. This certification signifies that PrognoCIS EMR technology meets the standard definition of "certified EMR or EHR technology".

What is Cloud-based EMR?

Will Web Based EMR Reduce Deployment Costs?

Web based or SaaS EMR continues to be a popular choice among medical practices today because it reduces deployment costs. Client-server based EMR systems result in significant up-front installation fees, which poses a problem for small and mid-size practices.

PrognoCIS web based EHR is affordable and requires low monthly fees that can be treated as operational expenses instead of sizeable capital expenditure.

Access Your EHR Software from anywhere

Web-based electronic medical records (a.k.a. online EMR) are the most affordable, easiest way to access your EMR software from anywhere – and from any device.   For small to mid-sized practices and physicians on the go, the ability to securely access patient data from any computer, iPad, desktop, tablet or pocket PC is indispensable.

RevenueXL SaaS EHR Offers High Level of Security

Stores patient data via Amazon Web Service, which is the most flexible & secure cloud computing environment available today. It provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables users to quickly deploy applications.

PrognoCIS Online EHR is Designed for Solo/Small/Mid-Sized Practices?

PrognoCIS is a web based EMR software that specifically serves solo, small and mid-sized practices. We understand that every practice is unique, which is why we provide fully customized solutions designed to meet the needs of all practices. The extensive features offered for solo, small and mid-sized practices allow easy customization.

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What is Included in RevenueXL's Cloud-based EHR?

RevenueXL's Online EHR software, PrognoCIS, provides unique benefits that make it stand out from other SaaS EHR options. PrognoCIS provides practices with:

  • Fully-functional online EMR EMR with integrated practice management software (even with your existing medical billing software)
  • Customized templates and workflow to meet the needs of individual specialty practices
  • Full suite of essential interfaces at no additional cost
     Lab connectivity with Quest and LabCorp
     Integrated ePrescribing functionality
  • Automated health and wellness maintenance reminders helps improve patient care
  • 100% HIPAA compliance and high-level security for patient data
  • Mobile adaptability and voice documentation
  • Integrated free patient portal
  • Special offline functionality – even with web-based EMR – for providers requiring a fully functional EMR where no web access is available
  • Online EMR capable of integrating with your existing medical billing software
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Ready and ICD-10 Certified
  • Use the latest technology for your practice. By integrating the PrognoCIS iPhone app with Dragon cloud service, doctors & clinical staff can now dictate their chart notes & have it converted to text in their medical records.

Benefits of Implementing Web Based EMR Systems

PrognoCIS - Simple, Easy to Use, Integrated & Fully Customized Web based EMR Software

The simplicity and accessibility of web based EMR with a full suite of medical billing services available from RevenueXL guarantees that you will see an increase in productivity, efficiency and revenues.  PrognoCIS, our web based EMR brings you the same services of on-site EMR software with extended benefits including:

  1. Security: System and data security utilized in web based EMR exceed the minimum requirements set forth by HIPAA.  In many cases, the established security of data servers also exceeds what most healthcare providers use in a private practice.
  2. Server maintenance: Onsite EMR software requires a small team of IT professionals or outsourced maintenance.  However, with web-based EMR, you are not responsible for ongoing maintenance and server issues or their related costs.
  3. Initial investment: Implementing EMR in your practice can be staggering.  The hardware and network setup alone can cost as much as $30,000.  Other fees and costs can nearly double this amount.  With Web-based EMR you aren't required to invest in hardware and software.  Web based EMR offers the lowest monthly operating cost and the most affordable implementation.
  4. Operating cost: The monthly fee can be written off as operating cost and is not treated as a capital expenditure.
  5. Access from anywhere: Access your web based EMR from anywhere in the world where you have an active internet connection.
  6. Data protection: Your data is protected against hardware and software failures through the use of fault-tolerant hardware and sophisticated, redundant data backups.
  7. No installation or upgrades: You never have to worry about software maintenance and upgrades.  All upgrades are managed server-side by your web based EHR vendor.
  8. Multiple locations: Being accessible from virtually anywhere you have connectivity, web-based EMR is the best option for physicians operating in multiple practices/locations.

Bring your practice up to speed and prepare for the future of Healthcare.  Contact us today or call now to speak with a RevenueXL representative about how web based EMR can help your specialty practice improve revenue and operate in the most efficient way possible.

Is Cloud based EHR right for your practice?

How do you know if it's time to implement a new or upgrade to an online EHR?

  1. You are frustrated by the hardware, network infrastructure, and IT support costs and requirements of your existing EMR?
  2. Is your practice expanding, either with additional providers or a partner facility?
  3. Does your EHR need to communicate with health information exchanges (HIEs) or other technologies to meet coordinated care standards?
  4. Do you need anytime-anywhere access to your medical record and practice data from your mobile device?