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Benefits of EHR Training

EHR training is the most vital part of EHR implementation. If you've EHR Trainingused an EHR system in the past, and you've done so without the proper training, you know some of the problems that can arise by doing so. There are many reasons behind ensuring that yourself, as well as every member of your staff receives the right EHR training, which will not only result in a successful transition for your practice, but it will also make the entire transition much easier. 

Increase Your Level Of EfficiencyEHR_Training_Increases_Efficiency

Training your staff on how to use your EHR system will answer many of the questions they might have, while it ensures that their workdays remain productive. Too many practitioners allow their staff to learn by trial and error because of the amount of training that most EHR vendors recommend. While it might seem to be saving your practice money to plan for only one or two days of training, when your staff doesn't feel comfortable with the system, their efficiency level will decrease, costing you money in the long run. For example, entering information into a patient's chart might only require one of two clicks of the mouse. If your staff is unaware of the shortcuts, it might take them five clicks in order to find the right area of the chart. 

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Maintain Patient Safety

EHR_promotes_patient_safetyAbove all, your main concern is the safety of your patients. Therefore, it's crucial for you and your staff to understand the various areas of the EHR that contain sensitive patient data that cannot be ignored. An excellent example of the importance of patient safety through proper EHR training was recently seen in Boston, Massachusetts, when several dialysis patients were infected with Hepatitis B because the nurses were not adequately trained on the hospital's EHR system. EHR training before your system is fully implemented will help to make sure such dangerous situations never occur within your practice.

Achieve Meaningful Use

Achieving Meaningful Use is undoubtedly one of the goals you have for your EHR system. Without sufficient training, however, your staff might not understand how to use all of the modules that are available to them. As a result, your practice will not be able to qualify for the Meaningful Use incentives that are available through government reimbursement. Your training should include a complete understanding of the Meaningful Use Dashboard, which should help you stay on track.

Qualities Of Successful EHR Training

Successful_EHR_TrainingIn your search for an EHR software that provides excellent EHR training, there are a few points to remember: 

  • Ensure that your staff members who do not have basic computer training are trained in-house prior to EHR training
  • Opt for a training program that offers in-person training, rather than a webinar or online videos
  • Spread your training over a period of a few months to provide staff with follow-up training with your system
  • Look for a personalized training process that gives your staff an opportunity to ask questions
  • Training should continue while your staff answers phones and checks in patients in the beginning of your implementation process

By taking the necessary steps to provide EHR training for every member of your staff, you'll enjoy a productive EHR implementation that will enhance every area of your practice. The training you'll receive will also help you maintain your standards for excellent patient care. 

At RevenueXL, we work hard to provide our customers with an in-depth training program that has been proven to give them great results. We've love the chance to talk to you about what we can offer your practice. For more information, contact us today!

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