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Ready to Geek Out? Embracing Emerging Technologies

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You Can’t Afford to Ignore ICD-10

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Use Proper CPT Modifiers to Reduce Claim Denials

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How Important is Workflow Mapping to Successful EHR Implementation?

Meaningful Use Audit : What Physicians Must Expect from it?

6 Essential Questions to Ask EHR Vendors Prior to Signing an Agreement

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Implement Electronic Health Records & Save $25K in Uncompensated Work

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Electronic Health Records and Clinical Decision Support

EMR for Urgent Care Centers - What Should You Look For?

Stop Losing Money! Are You Following These Medical Billing Practices?

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Going Mobile With Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Medical Billing & ACA : What We Know as of January 2014

Overcoming EMR Implementation Barriers in Medically Underserved Areas

RevenueXL EHR - Enhancing the Value of Belonging to Professional Organizations

RevenueXL EHR Software - Thanksgiving Giveaway

AR Days: Keep this Revenue Cycle Metric Under Control

Electronic Health Records - Adoption Brings Better Referrals

Denial Management Processes to Optimize your Revenue Cycle

Five KPIs You Can't Ignore in Your Small Medical Practice

3 Reasons Why EHR Software Usage and Patient Loyalty are Positively Correlated

Strategies to Prevent Top 5 Claim Denial Reasons

4 Common Challenges in Small Clinic EHR Implementations

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Insurance Claim Denials

Patient Collections - 5 Tips to Manage Account Receivables

Best Neurology EHR, EMR: Top 6 Features for Neurologists

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High-Quality Website - Prescription for Growing Patient Volume?

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EHR Replacement: 5 Harsh Realities

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Best Podiatry EHR : EMR Features for Small Practices

How to Select or Upgrade to a Certified EHR

Planning your EHR Selection Approach

How to Implement an EHR: Assess your Practice Readiness

3 Top Reasons Pediatric EMR Systems Are Beneficial For Children

Use EMR Software with (And Not in Place of) MedicalTranscription

Meaningful Use and Patients: More Connected Than You Think

Are you achieving ROI on your investment in an EMR?

How To Pick the Best EMR Vendor For Your Practice

Your EMR Implementation is Complete - Now What?

Preparing For The Next Big Thing: ICD-10

When Can Providers Use Modifier 25?

How to Balance EMR/Patient Interaction Like a Pro

EMRs: Then and Now.

5 Ways to Dispel your EMR Dissatisfaction

Integrated EHR and Practice Management Software is Better For Your Practice

Benefits of Implementing Pain Management EMR Software

The Essential EMR Checklist for Psychiatry Practices

Key Changes For The Financial Benefit of EHR Impementation in 2013

Podiatry Software Helps to Advance Patient Care

EMR Implementation Costs Deciphered

Top EHR Adoption Challenges for Small Clinics

4 Reasons Why EHR Template Customization Matters

How to Get the Most out of Your EMR Demo

Why You Absolutely Need ePrescription

How to Select Best EHR for Your Small Clinic

Benefits of Implementing Pediatric EHR

Are You Ready For RAC Audit Of Your E&M Codes?

The Ultimate EMR Implementation Guide

EHR Essentials for Small Urology Practices

Top 5 Reasons Why Urologists Are Embracing Urology EMR Software

What You Should Know About Stage 2 Meaningful Use Incentives

A Certified Podiatry EHR Can Give Your Practice a Leg Up

Proven Tips For EMR Implementation

Government Warns Against Improper EMR Usage

Why Cloud Based Pediatric EMR Is Better for Your Practice?

Providers: Do Not Fall Prey To Common EMR Myths

Crucial Features of a Cardiology EHR

Top 10 Benefits of Implementing Electronic Medical Records

Top 7 Reasons for Neurologists to Implement Neurology specific EMR

Top 7 Reasons for Cardiologists to Implement Cardiology specific EMR

EMR Pricing : How much does an EMR cost?

Top 7 Reasons for Pediatricians to Implement Pediatrics specific EMR

Why is Cloud-based EMR Better For Small Practices?

Adoption of EMR Software Skyrockets in Small Practices

Switch to the Best EMR Software For Small Practices | RevenueXL

Implementation of Mental Health EMR continues to Grow - SAMHSA

ENT EMR - Benefits Outweigh Security Concerns

New MGMA Study - Using EMR to Improve Clinical Performance and Efficiency

Psychiatry EMR – Keeping Psychiatrists Mobile & More Efficient

Studies Show Dually Certified EHR Systems Provide Better Meaningful Use Attesting Rates

Could Legislative Change Improve e-Prescribing and Simplify 'Prior Authorization'?

Stage 2 Meaningful Use Rules Coming Soon - Deadline Extended

Electronic Medical Records – Pros and Cons of Mobile Computing with Tablet PC’s

How Both Physicians and Patients Benefit from Gastroenterology EMR Software

Quick Tips for Ophthalmologists Searching for the Right EMR: What to Look For

The 5 Top Requested EMR Software Features

Electronic Medical Records Reveal Trends in Gender-Based Pain Study

Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Neurology EMR Software - It's Not Brain Surgery

How to Guarantee an Easy Switch to Electronic Medical Records?

Dermatologists See Big Gains in Adopting Electronic Medical Records

EMR: What Does Your Hardware Investment Look Like?

Have you found The Best EMR Software for Small Practices as yet?

Look at What Meaningful Use EHR Attestation Data Reveals

Why Adopting Web Based EMR Makes Sense for Small and Mid-sized Clinics?

Best Cardiology EMR / EHR Software: Top Features to Guide Your Investment

Which ONC-ATCB has certified my EHR : Does it make a difference?

Coding Compliance Audit - Still a Good Idea for Physicians?

Electronic Health Records – Bringing Efficiency to Primary Care

Meaningful Use of Certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) - Proposed Regulations Finally Released!

Physicians beware! EHR vendors can’t ensure meaningful use! (Only you can.)

Achieving ROI with EHR Implementation is not a myth!

Medical Transcription - Will Thou Really Become Extinct Soon?

EMR vs EHR - Are You Confused As Well?

Web based EMR - Low Investment, Great Idea, But..

Why having a Medical Practice Website is imperative to your practice?

8 Cardinal Sins of EMR Training

Top 10 EHR Software Selection Blunders

Free EMR Software - The truth behind ‘Free' Electronic Medical Records?

Web based EMR - ASP vs. SaaS? Should you really care?

Guaranteed Roadmap to a Failed EMR Implementation

Meaningful Use of EHR - only basic level from 2011

Top EMR Software Vendors

EHR Software | Features Guide to Selecting Best EHR System | RevenueXL

"Meaningful use" of a Qualified EMR / EHR Software System

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